TeamGantt is proud to be 100% remote. We are a diverse team of coders and designers from all over the world. We work from wherever computers and coffee are available.
This setup is ideal for us as a company, as we can keep distractions at bay and still maintain focus and efficiency at work. We are not the only company that has moved to remote work. We rely on many online tools and apps to keep us connected, informed and productive.
Are you interested in moving to a remote team position? This is a comprehensive list of apps that TeamGantt members recommend to regular remote teams. These apps are even used by TeamGantt members for their own work!
Click on the subheadings for our 10 top apps for remote teams.
Slack is a great tool for instant messages and real-time communication. Slack allows us to create channels that focus on specific topics (e.g. It allows us to create channels for specific topics (e.g., Support, Performance, Editorial), which helps keep our conversations focused and organised. You can also use the Calls feature to hold 1:1 meetings with your team members or group calls with the entire staff.
Screenhero, a screen-sharing tool that was acquired by Slack, is currently being integrated into the platform. It offers voice and instant messaging features as well as additional features for remote teams.
Skitch is a screen capture and sharing tool that you can use to share screenshots among your team members. It’s free and integrates seamlessly with Evernote, so your screenshots will always be saved and synched. It is used primarily to report bugs and issues with the product as well as our support documentation.
Invision is used by our design team to create prototypes, collect feedback, and share ideas. To get a sense of the final version, viewers can interact with the design presentations.
Google Hangouts
Hangouts is a simple and free way to communicate. It’s a simple tool that we use to hold group calls or quick meetings. It’s free to use with either a Google Apps account or a Gmail account. is a conference app that allows you to set up group calls and 1:1 meetings with your team members. To invite your teammate to join you on a conference, simply create a link invitation. It’s free for the first ten participants and five video feeds.
Calendly is used by Aaron, our product specialist to schedule product demos for new customers. Calendly’s scheduling feature allows you to set your availability preferences and have your call recipients schedule meetings or calls during the available hours. This makes it stand out from other conference apps. You will also be provided with a Calendly link which you can share with anyone who would like to book a meeting.
Dropbox is great for sharing small files to large files with others. It allows you to create links for easy sharing or downloading. Start with 2GB storage when you sign up for a free plan.
Scouting is your opportunity to help
We use Help Scout to make ticketing and customer support simple.
Help Scout is a “invisible help tool” that can be used to answer customers’ questions and generate reports on customer satisfaction, productivity, busiest times, and happiness. The notes feature is great for internal communication. It allows you to ask questions and clarify your colleagues.
Intercom is our chat tool that allows customers to instantly communicate with us via real-time. Intercom is used in conjunction with Help Scout. We have even created a workflow to send Intercom conversations directly to Scout. It also features a notes feature for internal communication.