Are you tired of being bored at work? You might need to inject some workplace fun into your life if you are struggling to get work done every day. We are not talking about company parties and happy hours that take up your time, but activities that can make your workday more enjoyable in the office.
Happy people are productive people
It is clear that happier people will be more invested in their environment and more likely to work harder when necessary. Positive mental attitudes lead to increased oxygen, endorphins and blood flow to brain. This allows us to focus on work and be creative. We feel happier and more relaxed as a result. Happiness is characterized by smiles and laughter, which is great for the workplace. It is a sign that people are enjoying what they do and where they are at it, and it also brings people together.
Are you ready for happiness? You might need some ideas to make it happen. These are ten easy tips to bring some laughter and fun into your workday.
1. Happiness is what you should be focusing on
You can be a productive, serious employee and still be happy. To stay healthy, you just need to keep your eyes open. What if one stressful situation changes your outlook on your job? No. No.
So how do you do it? Make a list of the most important things to you. Keep it handy and use it to help you when you are faced with a difficult situation. Keep “happiness” in your thoughts and you will be able to remember it when you make difficult decisions.
2. Join an office club or activity, or create one.
It sounds corny, right? You might be thinking, “Organized Fun is lame.” But I have felt great about myself and my coworkers every time I took part in a guacamole-making contest, a company softball match, or a group community service project. You might not be the one to organize these activities. That’s okay. It is not for everyone. If you are organized, join the fun. You’ll meet new people and have some fun with your coworkers. This could lead to a new friendship. It could also make it easier for you to work with your coworkers in the future. Before you say “no thanks”, think about it.
3. Lunchtime activities
Start taking a lunch break if you don’t already. You don’t need to do it for an hour if time is tight, but you must get away from work. You might go to the gym to get some air. Perhaps you play cards with your coworkers. Maybe you go shopping. Whatever you do, take your mind off of work and eat something healthy. Enjoy the fact that you can take your mind off of your daily tasks and be able to relax. It’s a bonus to have a friend from work with you.
4. Inspire creativity
Even if you aren’t creative in your company, or if your job is the opposite of creative…you can still be creative at work. Remember that creativity doesn’t necessarily have to be literal. You don’t need to create art, though you can and should. Creativity can take many forms. Here are some ideas:
A meeting where you and your team meet in front of a whiteboard to discuss and brainstorm ideas or solutions to a problem.
Share inspirational stories or quotes with your team
Lunch for coworkers
Sharing URLs to sites you like, sharing ideas
Make a Pinterest board for your company or team
These things will inspire others.