You are ready to begin …. You’re ready to go. Your ship is packed and ready for the journey. Everyone on your crew is familiar with their jobs. Your vessel is also seaworthy. You are excited to explore new heights of adventure as you pull out of the harbor.
But, there is a problem beneath the surface. Your ship has a tiny bit of damage, but the choppy waves hide it. They won’t let you steer until they try.
A rudder is something very small that has a huge impact on direction.
The same applies to project management. Even if you have the best planning, the best team and the best business, if project management does not play a role, your best intentions will be stifled.
How can you bring project management into your equation and keep everyone on the same page without adding more complexity? Here are 10 ways you can simplify your biggest projects while still steering your ship towards your goal in record-breaking time.
1. Get the Right Crew
A self-respecting captain won’t set sail on the high seas without making sure everyone is proficient in their duties. They don’t add unnecessary weight to the ship that will only drain resources and not deliver the desired performance.
When you are assembling your team, think like a sea captain. Do not overcomplicate things by having more than you need. Instead, focus on finding the best and brightest minds and ensuring that everyone is fully committed to the project. Although it may seem that it takes longer to build your dream team, the momentum you get from putting the right people together is worth the extra time.
2. Know where to set your anchor
As with any large project, no long journey can be completed in one day. It is important to clearly define your goals and where you will stop each night. This will help you to set your anchor and rest your feet. Your project can become confusing and complicated if you have too many goals. If you have multiple objectives, it is a good idea to break them into sub-projects and then take each one at a moment.
3. Follow the Map
Benjamin Franklin said it best, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
The planning phase will help you outline the steps needed to complete the project and determine the budget, resources, and team members’ responsibilities. You can simplify this step by making each task small and manageable. It can be overwhelming to manage large, complex missions with dozens upon tasks.
Follow your map once you have determined your route. You don’t have the time to make detours.
4. Find the right vessel
Find the perfect ship for you to reach your goal. It’s not possible to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat. Don’t attempt to complete a large project by handing out a notepad.
Web-based project management software can be a great way to keep everyone on track and save time and money. Naturally, you create a template. This is a navigation system that keeps you on track and can be used for future projects. TeamGantt is an excellent example of a software company that you can use to eliminate all of the project complications and headaches.
One of the best things about most online software programs, is the ability to invite others to work with you on tasks: clients, coworkers, contractors. To schedule tasks, fellow teammates can drag and drop tasks into a chart. You can see the current status of your team members and determine who is available to take on additional tasks. You can view multiple projects at once, share files, leave comments, discuss different tasks, and schedule daily emails from one software platform.
Make sure you choose software companies that allow you to access your phone via your mobile device.