This post will explain the importance of a good CAPM training class and its role in the CAPM Training and Certification. A CAPM Training class is like a rudder on a ship that steers you towards your goal of becoming a CAPM. Let’s now look at the CAPM Training classes and how you can become a CAPM using them.
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Step-by-step Guide to the CAPM Journey
The Project Management Institute (PMI), Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM, is essential for your career. The CAPM journey is about how you get to the important credential – CAPM. It includes the decision to take CAPM training classes and to give your exam.
Decision to become a CAPM
Checking if you are eligible to take the CAPM exam is the first step in your CAPM journey. These are the requirements you must meet in order to take the exam.
Secondary diploma – A high school diploma or global equivalent
You must also have completed 23 hours of project administration education.
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add on your safe senders list to continue receiving our emails. Once you have met these conditions, you can decide to take the next step in CAPM Class. You must choose the right CAPM certification training provider for your needs. You will be able to navigate to your destination by being clear about your choice of CAPM training classes and the strength of your decision.
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CAPM Application Process
Approval of your CAPM application by PMI Institute is an important milestone in your journey. The other is signing up to a CAPM training course!
Register your username and password at
Login to the pmi website
Complete the information according to the instructions and submit it online

The application process would be simplified if you have a good CAPM Training Program. After you submit your application, you will need to pay the exam fee. If your application is selected for audit (a random process to assure quality by PMI), then you will need to complete the audit formalities. PMI will inform you about the process. PMI will inform you of your eligibility id if you are not selected for audit. The exam must be taken within one year after you have received your eligibility id.
Exam Fee for CAPM
How much does CAPM certification cost? Students get a discount and only one application for membership. Non-students will need to pay $225 if they are PMI members, and $300 if not.
CAPM Training Classes
CAPM Application and CAPM Training Class can either be done in parallel or in a sequential fashion. A good CAPM Training Class can provide guidance during the application process. How do you choose a CAPM training program? First, you need to understand the options available and, more importantly, what you are looking at.

There are many options for CAPM Training Class
You can choose to attend a regular classroom class or take CAPM Training Online.
Classroom Session
The classroom session type of CAPM training course is for those who want a fast track program to complete the 23 hours of project management education. This allows for interaction between participants and is more traditional than the traditional way.
Online Session
If you work and need to manage family, project work, and other activities, the CAPM Training Course Online may be a good fit. You get the same content, expertise, and the added benefit of being online.