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AWS Data Breach: Another AWS data breach is in the news. This one, however, was not like others that were blamed for unsecured data stores. Imperva, the victim of the attack, claims that the stolen API key was responsible for the Oct. 10 incident. A post-mortem account has been published by Imperva. In August, the company announced the “security incident” that led to the leakage of customer data, including email addresses, passwords, API keys, and TLS keys. Customers affected used Imperva’s Cloud Web Application Firewall product. To scale the user database, Imperva moved to AWS Relational Data Service (RDS). The company stated that “Some key decisions made during AWS evaluation allowed information to be exfiltrated using a database snapshot.”

We created a database snapshot to test the system. A compute instance we created internally was accessible from the outside and contained an AWS.