Yesterday, I was puzzled by a tweet.
I replied:

Now that I have found the PM Network Magazine reference, I wanted to share some other great blogs mentioned in the article. If you have the November 2010 issue, it’s pages 67-68. You can find the descriptions there. I’ll list the blogs here for your browsing pleasure.
Agile Blog
Rally Software’s Agile Blog. The Agile Blog offers advice and resources to people who are actively interested in improving their Agile practices.
The Critical Path

Home Automation: How You Can Begin the Modern Makeover

Derek was a great guy to meet at the PMI Global Congress. Great guy, great blog.
Drunken PM
Dave was a friend of mine from a previous PMI Global Congress event. Dave has always had insightful things to share and I enjoy the way he communicates these no-nonsense approaches.
PM for Earth
Sustainability and project management. Rich is someone I met through his work on the UCSC Extension Silicon Valley Project Management Blog. I also got to meet him in person. Rich and other contributors to this site have great writing and provided many resources. This blog is for those who are interested in Green Project Management.
Project Management: A Guide for Girls
Since its inception, Elizabeth and I have been members of the PMI New Media Council. Her blog is great for insight on project management, feminism and, most recently, social media in project managing. All in all, great stuff.
Ah, this one is not important to anyone. NEXT!
The Tao of Project Management
Are you looking to learn more about project management? John’s blog is a great resource.
Voices on Project Management
This is a diverse group of people sharing their knowledge on the topic. You’ll notice that I didn’t link directly. This is because I discovered that PMI has a “linking agreement” which states that they don’t allow anyone to link to their site except for their homepage unless you ask. It’s a bit of a problem for me, but it’s still a great blog.
Zen, Project Management, Life, and Zen
I also got to meet Bob this summer. We share a love for Agile and Kanban, as well as a dislike for multitasking.