This could cause a lot of headaches if you don’t keep track of administrative efficiency for your growing business. If you make the right decisions, it doesn’t have too. Salesforce Classic, a customer relationship management (CRM), platform can help you in more ways that you might initially think.
These are nine signs you should consider enlisting this amazing tool to help you, if not already.

1. If you’ve ever lost an email or forgotten to reply to a client.
Salesforce Classic has everything you need! You can track activity related to an account and contact by adding your emails directly to the account record or contact record. Salesforce will have the email in a few years if you need it.
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2. You may have lost sight of your opportunities.
Did you accidentally leave a note on a napkin in the restaurant and misplace a potential sale opportunity? Have you ever started to approach a lead, but never returned to check in? You can track every opportunity in different stages with the ability to take notes and move it from one stage to another with just a few clicks.
Salesforce even offers a mobile app that allows sales staff to work from anywhere, whenever their clients wish, while still entering their data. Talk about convenient! I think we all know that the more a product is easy to access and use, then the more likely it is that we will use it.

3. You can’t go wrong with Post-It notes if you have leads to generate.
Are you losing money? No! Take those golden leads and add them to your funnel. Salesforce Classic allows you to input leads one at a time or hundreds at once. When the time is right, you can turn them into accounts and contacts, creating the opportunity.
Salesforce Classic also offers a Web-to Lead functionality. This allows you to use your website for leads and completely gets you out of entering any data.

4. You will need to send each customer communication one at a time.
Emailing customers can be time-consuming. If you have to send them one at a time, you will often be copying and pasting or typing sentence after sentence, correcting your mistakes, and then sending them. Salesforce Classic is available! Salesforce Classic allows you to mass-email contacts. All you have to do to send the emails is to choose the recipient and a few clicks. You can also create Campaigns with leads, and track your efforts.
There are still ways to make customers feel that you are speaking directly to them. You can even populate the recipients’ names.

5. You want a simpler way to track your pipeline.
Are you still using spreadsheets and paper to track potential sales? Are you actually tracking potential sales? It is important to know what will happen for your business during the year. This is especially important if you are looking to attract investors.
Salesforce Classic allows you set your fiscal year or use the standard year and then enable Forecasting. After reading the above, you have already begun to track opportunities. Now it is time to start tracking which deals you might win. You can stop guessing and gain more insight into your sales cycle.

6. You can see how much you make by entering your information.
What tools do you use to track your sales? Is it easy-to-use? Is it able to give you a deeper look at the customer accounts or details? Stop using multiple systems. Use Salesforce Classic and mak