An Azure solutions architect expert certification is a must-have for anyone looking to make a career in cloud computing. It opens up new career opportunities for candidates in a variety of sectors and from different locations.
Are you studying for the Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions exam 305? This study will help you pass the certification exams and make you a competent azure solutions architect expert.
About the Microsoft AZ 305 Certification Program
Microsoft AZ 305 certification, an expert-level certification program, is offered. The candidate will be awarded the Microsoft azure solution architect expert certification after completing the program.
Candidates can learn how to design Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions through the AZ 305 certification course. Candidates who are eligible for the azure solution architect expert exam must have advanced knowledge and experience in standard IT operations, including networking, virtualization and identity, business continuity and security, disaster recovery and data processing platforms, as well as governance.
Candidates applying for az305 certification should also have sufficient experience in Azure administration, Azure programming, and DevOps. After completing the az305 certification program, the expert azure solution architect would be able design identity, governance and business continuity.
It is crucial to complete the entire azure solution architect expert exam syllabus in order to pass the actual exam. Let’s take a look at the entire az305 certification syllabus.
Module One includes:
Design Identity, Governance, Monitoring Solutions.
Create a solution to log and monitor.
Design authentication and authorization solutions
Design governance.
Access to applications and design identities
Module Two includes:
Design data storage solutions.
Create a data storage solution to store relational data.
Design data Integration.
Recommend a data storage system.
Design a data storage system for Non-relational Data.
Module Three includes:
Design Business Continuity Solutions
Create a backup and disaster recovery solution.
Design for high availability.
Module four is composed of:
Design Infrastructure Solutions
Design a compute solution.
Design an application architecture.
Design migrations
Design network solutions
Most people find the az305 certification exam difficult due to its higher difficulty levels. Microsoft also ensures that the az305 certification exam covers the entire subject matter and tests candidates’ knowledge. To prepare for the exam, you will need to spend approximately 7 to 8 hours per day for 3.5 months. Microsoft AZ 305 exam official website has more information and guidance.
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