In a recent report by Forrester Research Inc., Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), was the only vendor that was placed in the “leader” category. This report measured Public Cloud Service Providers Security.
AWS promoted the report by stating that AWS was the only Leader in public cloud security according to Forrester. “Specifically, the report mentions AWS’ capabilities with datacenter security and certifications and network security. AWS also excels in customer satisfaction, security partnerships and a large installed base.
CenturyLink, IBM, and Microsoft Azure were also surveyed in the Q4 2014 report. They were all asked questions about 15 security criteria. Forrester noted that some vendors declined to participate due to concerns that discussing their security could expose them to more attacks.
Forrester reported that vendors must strengthen their technology partnerships to address these concerns. According to the research firm, only one vendor (AWS), in the Forrester Wave, had the necessary security technology partnerships to provide sufficient support in their public cloud environment. “Forrester anticipates that the market will see an increase in: 1) platform-provided security options, and 2) third-party security options in platform vendors’ marketplaces.
Forrester stated that “AWS leads” the pack, but that “all of these vendors showed great security in their datacenters, a nice level security attestations, as well as some level of professional services to implement security projects.”
Forrester said that no vendor is focused on a single vertical. They all have a mix between media, financial services, healthcare, government, and government clients.”