Open source repository GitHub now integrates to two of Amazon Web Services’ developer tools.
CodeStar, AWS’s integrated development environment, is now available to users who choose GitHub for version control.
CodeCommit was an AWS product that was previously the only option for managed source control services in CodeStar.
AWS announced Wednesday that CodeStar dashboard users can now “centrally track GitHub activity including commits and issues as well as pull requests.”
This integration between GitHub and CodeStar follows a similar tie up between GitHub, CodeBuild, AWS managed build service, which debuted last December.
AWS announced late last month that CodeBuild now supports GitHub pull-requests. AWS stated that this integration allows developers to “collaborate across [their] teams while editing and building [their] applications code.”
According to Balaji Iyer, an enterprise consultant in AWS’ Professional Services team, the integrations are part AWS’ effort open up its developer tool portfolio to more third party solutions.
Iyer wrote that linking CodeStar and CodeBuild with GitHub “will make GitHub users more able to set up a continuous implementation and continuous delivery toolchain as a part of their release process using AWS Developer tools.”