“A simple answer is to do it in the 5th Edition.”
It is great to be informed about the latest developments in the 6th Edition, and you should. However, it is not a good idea to take the PMP Certification exam on this edition.
PMP Edition Exams and Changes are mutually exclusive. We have our own experts who were certified on the 3rd edition, but they keep up to date on the latest developments in the newer editions. They are PMP certified and still on the current edition. It is enough to keep the PDUs current – that’s an entirely separate process. (Link on How to Maintain the PDUs).
There are many uncertainties in this edition: New additions, new syllabus, exam patterns & changes – more! The 6th edition is a welcome addition to the current edition. The blog about the changes to the 6th edition is available here. However, it takes time for new things to emerge and there are always uncertainties. There are options. Why take chances when there is one?
Tested and tested 5th edition exam pattern. We have had so many successes with it that we are confident in its effectiveness. You will succeed on the 5th edition certification exam. Check out our Success stories and PMP certified.

You have plenty of time, as the PMP exam for 5th edition is expected to be available until 31 Mar 2018 (Q1-2018).
ProThoughts will also offer free webinars and classroom sessions to all of their participants on the 6th Edition at the beginning of 2018, so everyone is up-to-date with the 6th Edition changes. ProThoughts will keep you informed about the latest trends in project management, including the 6th edition changes.
Clearing the PMP Certification exam is your goal if you want to be a great project manager. It will reduce risk, cost less, and give you more peace of mind. !
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