Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I don’t believe Michael Scott did much productivity-boosting.
Those who have seen The Office will know what I mean. Scott is a manager for those who didn’t see it.
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Although Michael is more productive than you, you may not interfere as much with your employees’ productivity. But have you ever thought about the possibility that scheduling frequent meetings, demanding complex reporting, and failing to communicate clearly with your employees could be costing you more time than your budget allows?
These are just a few of the many reasons project management software is so useful for managing your employees and protecting their time. It can help you…
Don’t let your employees burn out by trying the impossible.
Project management software allows you to base your initial estimates on similar projects in the past. This allows you to create realistic goals that your employees can work towards instead of impossible tasks. If you set out to achieve the impossible, your employees will be left behind and you will continue to harass them about their progress.
From the beginning, get the right people for the job
You can make sure they are self-reliant if you have the right person in the job and properly train them. If you place the wrong person on the job you will constantly be correcting their mistakes and hovering over them to prevent future ones. Both of these things are not good for production.
Project management software makes it easier to identify tasks and coordinate resources, which can help you attract the right people. Tasking tools allow you to see the big picture by linking interdependent tasks. They also help you organize things by breaking down each task into smaller subtasks. Tracking tools can also help you identify resources by providing employee pages that show each employee’s work load and assigned tasks.
These functions, when combined, allow you to see exactly what you need to do, what must be done first and who is actually available to do it. The best part is that you will know all this before crunch time.
Reporting can be simplified and accelerated
Reporting is essential. It’s the only way you can measure your progress. However, if your employees are asked to pull data from different places, do complex calculations, or create reports from a large volume of data, you’re wasting a lot of time that could have been spent producing.
You can save a lot of time and make informed decisions with real-time data by using a project management software.
Centralize communications
According to McKinsey Global Institute’s report, 28% of employees spend their time reading and responding to email. How much time do you spend answering and reading emails?
Project management platforms allow you to display deliverables and due dates in one central location. This allows individuals to track progress and keep track of their progress. This eliminates the need for messy emails and scattered communication regarding task assignments or specifications.
You can track your progress without having to interrupt it
Project management software provides detailed information about each task’s status. This makes it easier to communicate with your team and not have to ask them for updates. Project management software can track multiple projects simultaneously and clearly display billing information for each project. This allows you to see how your employees are spending their time on certain projects, and why they are slowing down.
Know when to be hands on
While it is important to give your employees space to work, it is also important to recognize when you need to step in and take an active role in the process. Project management software will help you spot any hold-ups and other signs that your presence might be needed.