Today, we will briefly discuss the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions exam format (AZ-400). Before we start, it is important to understand the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions exam (AZ-400). Who should take the exam? The Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions exam (AZ-400), measures the candidate’s ability accomplish technical tasks such as creating an instrumentation strategy, Site Reliability Engineering strategy (SRE) strategy, managing source control, facilitating collaboration, defining and implementing continuous deployment and releasing management strategies.
If you are curious about who can take the AZ-400 exam, we will tell you: Candidates for DevOps Engineer Expert certification must have subject matter expertise working alongside people, processes, technologies, and people to continuously deliver business value.
This role includes designing and implementing strategies to collaborate, code, infrastructure and source control. It also involves security, compliance, continuous integration and testing. Monitoring and feedback are some of the responsibilities.
Candidates for this certification should be proficient in both Azure development and administration.
Exam Format
First, the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions exam (AZ-400), consists of 40-60 question.
The second is that all questions will be multiple-choice/multiple response questions and must be completed within a time limit of 150 minutes.
To pass the exam, candidates must score at least 700 points.
The exam registration fee is $165 USD, plus all taxes.
Additionally, the exam is available in four languages, namely English,Japanese,Chinese (Simplified), and Korean.
The exam tests your ability to create a DevOps strategy, manage dependencies, implement application infrastructure, and provide feedback.
Pearson VUE: To appear in the Microsoft exam, a candidate must schedule the exam and register with Microsoft. The Pearson VUE allows candidates to schedule their exam.
Certiport: The candidate can also schedule the AZ-400 through Certiport. Schedule Your Exam Now!
We now have all the information we need about AZ-400. Now it’s time to learn the Course Outline. The most important aspect of the exam is the Course Outline. So, let’s begin.
Course Structure
It is important to go through all of the course structure once to fully understand and learn the objectives.
This exam’s content will be updated on May 25, 2020.
Below is the course outline (AZ-400) for Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions.
Develop an Instrumentation Strategy (5-10%)
Implementing and designing logging
Next, design and implementation of telemetry
Integration of monitoring and logging solutions is also possible
Develop a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) strategy (5-10%)
To first, develop an actionable alerting plan
Second, design a strategy for predicting failures
A health check can also be designed and implemented.
Create a security and compliance program (10-15%)
Create an authorization and authentication strategy
Design a sensitive information management strategy
Secure and comply
Design governance enforcement mechanisms
Manage source control (10-15%)
Create a modern source control strategy
Implement and plan branching strategies in the source code
Configure repositories
Integrate source control and tools
Facilitate communication, collaboration (10-15%)
Communicate with business stakeholders about deployment and release information
Document DevOps process documentation
Communicate with your team members electronically
Implement continuous integration (20-25%)