With each new release, PowerShell gets better and more accessible. This is because Microsoft wants to provide us with a universal tool that allows us to configure, manage and automate their ever-expanding range of products and services. PowerShell is here to stay, and it’s certain that this skill will be the most desired for SysOps or DevOps positions over the next few years. These are just five reasons to learn PowerShell skills if that’s not enough to get you motivated!
5. Microsoft Certifications. All Microsoft certification exams are gradually being populated with PowerShell commands. This is a clear sign that you will need to be familiar with PowerShell, regardless of your area of expertise, such as Windows, SQL, SharePoint or Exchange.
4. It’s fun, easy, and rewarding. Command lines are often avoided by people because they can be difficult to use and learn compared to their shiny GUI counterparts. PowerShell is a different kind of GUI, but it retains the essence of a GUI’s simplicity and consistency. It is predictable, easy to use, and easy-to-learn. You’ll feel the power of PowerShell commands (native PowerShell commands) when you first try it. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole arsenal of tricks to help you tackle any challenge you face.
3. Speed and efficiency. Are you able to do the same thing every day, every week, or every month using a GUI? These repetitive, mundane tasks are holding you back. GUIs have their advantages, but speed isn’t one. You won’t be able click through wizards or interfaces faster than you are now. Think of a world in which you do one thing and then make it repeatable. That’s the ultimate efficiency, and that’s what PowerShell offers.
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Start training2. Highly desirable are automators. Automating tasks and processes is a great way to drive your business forward. Time is money. PowerShell gives us the best chance to get both back. PowerShell is the Microsoft standard in automation, and those who master it can be a valuable asset to any company.
1. You will be the ONE! Imagine being Neo at the end the Matrix movie with infinity at your fingertips. This is how an IT professional with PowerShell skills in Windows looks. What’s the deal, friends? The red pill? You’ll be stuck in GUIs forever if you take it. Or the BLUE pill. It’s the Neo of your network. You’ll have unlimited power and freedom.
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