To become a Microsoft Azure Administrator, you will need to learn how to manage identity, governance storage, compute, and virtual network infrastructures. You also need to provide, scale, monitor and change resources as required. This position requires you to work with a larger team that is responsible for developing a company‚Äôs cloud infrastructure. We will go over all the steps and areas you need to complete this job. We will also discuss the importance of the position and the references you might use to advance your career. So, let’s get started!
Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Pathway
Passing the AZ104 exam is the key to obtaining the role as Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate. This exam tests your ability to manage Azure identities and governance, apply and manage storage, deploy and manage Azure computing resources, set up and manage virtual networking, and monitor and back up Azure resources. This step-by-step guide will help you become a Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate.
Step 1: Exam requirements for Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)
The Microsoft AZ-104 exam validates your knowledge and skills in managing, implementing, and monitoring Microsoft Azure environments. You must however have:
First, at least six months of experience in administering Azure.
A strong understanding of core Azure services, Azure workloads and security, as well as governance, is a second requirement.
This role requires knowledge of PowerShell, Azure CLI and Azure portal.
Exam Format
The Microsoft AZ-104 Exam consists 40-60 questions. The test may contain single-answer questions based on scenarios, multiple-choice questions and drag & drop questions. Mark review, drag and drop type questions and mark review can all be found. An applicant must score 700 or higher to pass the exam. The Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 Exam can be taken in English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean (Traditional), French, Spanish, German and Indonesian. It costs $165 USD.
Step 2: Concentrate on the Exam Objectives
The Microsoft AZ-104 test topics consist of the following sections:
1. Manage Azure identities and governance
Manage Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) objects
Management of role-based access control (RBAC).
Manage subscriptions and governance
2. Storage management: Implement and manage
Secure storage
Storage management
Configure Azure files, Azure Blob Storage
3. Manage and deploy Azure compute resources
Azure Resource Manager templates are used to automate the deployment of virtual machines (VMs).
Configure VMs
Configure and create containers
Configure and create Azure App Service
4. Configuring and managing virtual networks
Virtual networking: Implement and manage it
Secure access to virtual networks
Configure load balancing
Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networks
Combining an Azure virtual network with an on-premises network
5. Monitor and back up Azure resources
Azure Monitor allows you to monitor resources
Backup and recovery are essential
Step 3: Improve your skills using Microsoft Learning Paths
Microsoft’s learning path makes use of modules to give you access to exam-related information. These study tools can be found on the official exam site. These tools include the following:
Prerequisites for Azure administrators:Understand the basic Azure concepts you’ll need to know as an Azure administrator.

Manage Azure identities and governance: Learn how to manage Azure Active Directory objects, subscriptions, and governance in Azure.

Manage storage in Azure: Learn how to implement and manage storage.

Manage Azure compute resources. Understand how to deploy and configure virtual machines, containers and Web Apps in Azure.

Configuring and managing virtual networks for Azure administrators:Understand the process of configuring and managing Azure network capabilities like connectivity services, application protection, application delivery, and network monitoring services.

Monitor and back-up Azure resources. Learn how to use Azure Monitor to monitor Azure resources and how to implement backup and recovery in Azure.

Step 4: Use the Microsoft Documentation
Microsoft Documentations is required support for Exam AZ104: Microsoft Azure Administrator with Microsoft Azure Stack hub. All exam-related topics will be covered in the documentation. This step is required to become a Microsoft Azure Administrator.
To export data from Azure Blob storage, use the Azure Import/Export Service
Second, use the Azure Import/Export Service to import data into the Azure Blob Storage
Storage Explorer is the final option.
Step 5: Using the Instructor-led training, gain hands-on skills
To prepare for the AZ104test, you will need instructor-led training. The instructor-led instruction is also available on the Microsoft exam page. Microsoft recommends following the training approach for the AZ104 exam:
Microsoft Azure Administrator
IT professionals will learn how to:
Manage their Azure subscriptions
Second, securing identities
Third, infrastructure administration
Connecting Azure and on-premises sites using virtual networking
Next, manage network traffic and implement storage solutions
Scaling and creating virtual machines
Implementing web apps and containers is the final step.
This course is intended for admins.