Since the advent of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we have witnessed shifts in the internet environment that were not possible before. AWS Security Specialist has grown in popularity due to the ease of use and scalability they offer for a wide range of web-related tasks. AWS Salary in India has also been growing rapidly. Cloud computing expertise is highly sought after.
According to 63% of IT leaders, it is more difficult to find skilled engineers than Bigfoot. Learning cloud skills and getting the Amazon Web Services certification is a great way to get a job that will change your life.
It is important to understand the details of the certification. It is also important to know about the resources available when planning a career in a specific field. This article will help you to get the job of AWS Security Specialist.
Before we get to the methods and resources, let’s talk about AWS.
What is AWS?
Amazon Web Service is a cloud-based platform that provides organizations around the globe with scalable, cost-effective and reliable cloud computing solutions. AWS’s services do not limit themselves to one location, continent, time zone, or country. It is available to any organization willing to pay for the cloud’s benefits. This initiative is funded by Amazon and includes SaaS (software-as-a-service), IaaS, and PaaS.
It is a combination a number of goods and services that are individually connected to cloud computing. This is Amazon’s most profitable business, offering a wide range of tools, technology, and support to enable it to provide a variety of services. AWS offers everything you need to help your company profit from cloud computing services such as remote computing, servers security, storage, mobile development, networking, email, and security.
AWS can be divided into three categories: Glacier is a low-cost storage service; S3 Amazon’s storage system; and EC2, a virtual machine provider by Amazon. AWS is well ahead of its competition due to the relevance of all services and the volume at which they are offered.
Let’s now learn about the AWS Security Specialist exam!
About AWS Security Specialist
Security professionals can take the AWS Certified Security Specialist – Specialty (SCS-01) exam. This exam verifies that a candidate is able to demonstrate knowledge of AWS platform security. The test also determines whether an applicant has the following characteristics:
Knowing specific data classifications and AWS security protocols
Understanding data encryption techniques and AWS technologies used to apply them
Understanding secure internet protocols and the AWS technologies used for their deployment
A working knowledge of AWS security and service capabilities is required to create a secure production environment.
Two or more years of experience in production deployments gives you the ability to demonstrate competence in using AWS security services.
Capability to make decisions about security, cost, and deployment complexity in order to satisfy a set application requirements.
Understanding security risks and operations
Tasks and Responsibilities
The Special Programs Evaluations and Response (SPEAR), Special Testing Team (STT), is responsible for collecting information and using it to drive security improvements at Amazon Web Services (AWS).
AWS Security Specialists primary duties are to identify, analyse, and report security risks to management and customers. They use appropriate evaluation procedures to evaluate security measures and operational threats to personnel, data, and assets.
You will need to be able to manage tight deadlines, be flexible, drive outcomes, be detail-oriented, identify, analyse, plan, and organize operational operations related to AWS and internal customers’ physical security.
This includes maintaining a high level situational awareness across a variety of locations around the world. You are able to be flexible, open to new challenges, creative, imaginative, self-directed, and a great team member.
Additionally, you will be expected to adhere to all policies, processes, as well as the team rules of engagement (ROE). You will be able manage uncertainty and make independent decisions.
Average Salary
The salary of AWS Security specialists in the United States is US$143,677 annually according to ZipRecruiter. The average Amazon Security Specialist salary in India is 3.3 Lakhs for individuals who have less than one years experience and 12 Lakhs if you have more than one. Amazon Security Specialists can earn between 2.3 Lakhs to 4.8 Lakhs.
Let’s now look at the resources that can help you get certified.
There are many ways to make a career as an AWS Security Specialist
The most important aspect of this journey is the ability to develop skills and a solid understanding of the concepts. Don’t be alarmed. The most important thing is to have the necessary skills and expertise. Let’s take a look at the many resources and ways you can make a career as an AWS security specialist.
1. Learn more about Certificates
The best way to demonstrate your abilities is through certification. This will not only enhance your knowledge but also provide you with the opportunity to communicate your ideas.