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Clubhouse in Project Management Club has provided me with some very interesting and informative conversations. Here are the highlights of my conversation with Michael Tanner, Credible Leaders, about leadership in project management.
Michael defines leadership as the ability to influence others towards a common goal.
How can you avoid being overwhelmed and do all the tasks?
Michael: Consider whether you are willing to commit to this task over the long-term. If this was a recurring task would you be able to handle it? Or would you prefer to take on the longer-term responsibility? If not, it’s likely something that others in the team should do.
Elizabeth: It’s okay to take on all tasks as an apprentice or early in your career. You can try out everything, find what you enjoy doing, and be helpful and supportive of everyone in the team. As your career develops, you will need to be more selective about the tasks you accept so that you can fulfill your actual role.
How can you quickly build relationships?
Michael: Research the background and culture of your colleagues to speed up the process. Relationship building is not only possible when we are face-to-face. To build the relationships you need, you must take on the work.
How can you manage the lack of executive support?
Michael: This is a common occurrence. Either the exec doesn’t believe in the project, or they don’t care about its success OR the exec wants it to be a success, but is distracted. In either case, be proactive. “Here’s the truth for this project.” Then, tell us what you need in a private conversation.
Elizabeth: If the exec isn’t interested in it, why should they? This discussion can often be facilitated by several options. You can discuss what you need to make the project a success within current constraints. You can also offer options such as sourcing additional staff, extending timeframes, delivering a lower-quality version of the scope, or a phased scope.
Next: Managing up: How to manage your boss. How do you deal when a project manager dominates the status meetings, even though we want everyone to contribute?
Elizabeth: How can you make meetings more interesting? It won’t help to have a template to follow before the meeting. Individuals may be leading on their own parts of the agenda. Do not use the meeting to reiterate things that could have been sent via email.
Michael: Consider why it’s important for individuals to lead and contribute to that session. This will help them understand why it is important for them to be involved.
Do you have any book recommendations for us?
Michael: You can find my recommendations here, specifically The Leadership Challenge and Extreme Ownership.
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