Are you able to manage multiple projects? I am.
I know that I’m not the only one. I receive emails every week from project managers complaining about theenvironment they work in, the progress they make professionally, and their ability to secure management support for theirdevelopment and their (many!) projects.
If you feel like you don’t know how to juggle, you are not alone.
It can be difficult to change the way you do things. We must overcome the following challenges with small steps:
Not having the support from your boss
Not being clear about your priorities for All The Things
You won’t feel like the skills you have learned in yourcourses are going to help you in the real world. Because textbooks only show you one project at once!
You don’t have a work/life balance you love.
You don’t have the skills to successfully manage your projects and teams.

You may also feel low self-esteem due to this environment. You may have heard yourself say, “But, I’ve done a PM course, so I should know all these stuff,” but that’s okay.
It’s not that project management is something everyone understands. Even my family doesn’t get it. Trust me, we talk a lot about my work, my writing, and project management!
It is a lot of work. It should be a good time where you feel like you are making a difference and that people appreciate your contribution.
You can do more, be more successful as project manager, and help others succeed, if you believe you have the potential.
You have complete control over your career and how you approach projects, even though you don’t have control over how many are on your To Do List.
It takes some thinking shifts and new ways of doing things. Imagine what it would look like.
To feel more confident in what you do
To be sure that your techniques work in the real world
To be able to juggle all the balls and not feel stressed about it all
To make your projects and teams more successful and to feel happier!

This is the chance we have today as project managers, and it’s why I’m so passionately about mentoring. It was for this reason that I founded ProjectManagement Rebels.
What is Project Management Rebels?
PM Rebels is a mentoring program for projectmanagers who don’t work in a traditional world.
The group is run for six months. Monthly live Zoom calls are held to chat. We also offer webinars and helpful guides that can be accessed on the members-only website.
The PM Rebels programme will resume on May 6. Last time, we covered many topics, as influenced by the group. We’ll be focusing on managing multiple projects for the next 6 months. This seems to be a major problem for many people, so let’s discuss strategies in a supportive atmosphere and make life easier!
Programme Curriculum
We’ll be focusing on managing multiple projects this time so we’ll focus on a single topic for a month:
Personal effectiveness and time management
Integrated scheduling across multiple projects
Management of multiple virtual and matrix teams
Multiple projects: Tools, processes, and checklists
Multi-stakeholder management
Reporting and tracking.

It’s going be amazing!
How much does itcost?
It costs $27 per month. It’s roughly the price of a large coffee and a cookie per day, but with a lot more calories and benefits!
This is so exciting! I look forward to working with the group and seeing what we can do!
Enrolment is OPEN from 10pm (UK) Sunday, May 5, 2019, so if you feel you could benefit financially and from project management support, I’d love for you to come inside!
Sign up here
Get in touch with me if you are unsure if Project Management Rebels is right for you.