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LoginHome » Book Reviews » Mens Book ReviewsCategories Mens Book ReviewsHot TagsAffiliateAffiliate ProgramsArticle MarketingBlogBloggingBusinessCookingCooking RecipesHome businessHostingInternetInternet marketingList BuildingMailing listMake MoneyMarketingOnlineOnline BusinessOnline MarketingRecipesSalesSearch Engine optimizationSmall BusinessSoftwareStorageWebWebsiteWebsite DesigningWebsite developmentWork At HomeWritingadsenseadvertisingaffiliate marketingcomputerebaygoogle adsensehealthinsurancemake money onlinemoneynetwork marketingreal estateself improvementseosuccessweb designweb designingweb hostingwebsite designMens Book Reviews ArticlesAs the world is changing and men also need to be pampered; we have included the men抯 section where you will find all that men want. The list in this section include; clothes, shoes, books and magazines, perfumes and sprays, electronics, sports gear, automobiles, homes, sports, competitions, quizzes and puzzles, discussions, dating and many more which are of interest to man. All of men抯 content is sourced from men抯 resources done by men. This section has proved to be very popular with men and a few women who frequent here to find out the latest trends in men抯 world. If you are looking for a gift for your man this is the place to find one. Men抯 section has generated a lot of interest in men抯 items retailers and has formed a kind of a market place with most of them willingly contributing to it. So try us and we will never fail you!Displaying 1-8 of 8 result(s).Book Review For Men Only – Single Guy Tricks For Cooking ConsideredPosted by Lance Winslow. Published on Aug 27, 2009 Hey, being a single guy is not easy, and eating right is hard if you cannot cook well, still, there is a solution for everything. Let me explain; the other day I ran across an extremely great book to help single guys get all they can eat and have healthy meals that are completely tasty for the rest of their lives. Okay, let me solve this problem once and for all, by recommending an excellent book to you. Home Game – An Accidental Guide To Fatherhood By Michael Lewis – A Book ReviewPosted by Erika Ayala. Published on May 25, 2009 Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood is an interesting book primarily because it's the male counterpart of being a parent, and we get to look at what goes on in a man's mind when he becomes a father for the first time, and the second, and the third. It's a funny and endearing new work by New York Times best-selling author Michael Lewis. How Sex SellsPosted by David Kassulke. Published on Mar 31, 2009 How sex sells is about a book which gives insight into the sex industry in Australia. Probity( the main character) and her chosen stable mates will give a fair dinkum account of their working lives and will share many of their more intimate moments with you, as they offer a delicious look into their own private sex lives! They are all professional working girls, guys and 'trannys' that will take you on a tour of sexual Disneyland, except here the rides aren't timed and there are no warnings given about the risks of cardiac arrest. Find out what's going down, down under, through this exciting tour into bordellos, brothels and bedrooms! Men Buying Jewelry For Women Need To Know These 10 Things (and More)Posted by Dickie Smith. Published on Feb 27, 2009 I have discovered that the reason I have had so little success at buying jewelry for my wife in the last 16 years is that there is so much I do not know about jewelry and how to shop for it. This is a short list that scratches the surface of what I learned recently in the book "His Guide To Her Jewelry." Super Seduction Power – A Review – It's Not What You ThinkPosted by Elijah Peterson. Published on Jan 29, 2009 I was very turned off by the title of this book but read it anyhow and quickly was ashamed for judging a book by it's cover! Book Review – A New Conversation With Men By Michael TaylorPosted by Ronald Standerfer. Published on Dec 15, 2008 Michael Taylor makes no bones about the intent of his book "A New Conversation with Men." It is nothing less than to create a new paradigm of masculinity in this country. He says so in the very first paragraph of Chapter One. Review Of Guy Gets Girl By Tiffany Taylor For Tip On How To Talk To GirlsPosted by John Garret. Published on Dec 09, 2008 This is the review of one of the better guide for dating women… Guy Gets Girl by Tiffany Taylor. First of all, who is Tiffany Taylor? I'll tell you who she is NOT… she isn't that famous (or infamous) porn actress that goes by the same name. If porn is what you are interested in, you are in the wrong place and you will always be alone at night. If you are interested in sharing the evening with an attractive woman that is absolutely into you… then keep on reading. Make Women Addicted To You – Real World Seduction Ebook ReviewPosted by Albert Nel. Published on Nov 10, 2008 This is Jedi mind tricks at its best. Swinggcat is the master of pure attraction, picking up girls and taking them home the same night. As I was reading through this book the hair on my neck began to stand up straight as I was realizing what power I could possess over women by knowing this stuff. Through using hard-wired attraction switches that is found in all women, Swinggcat discovered techniques that make women emotionally addicted to you. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.