Are you ready to revise for the Microsoft Azure AI 100 exam? This Cheat Sheet covers all the essential details of designing and implementing an Azure AI Solution. This Cheat Sheet contains all the necessary details and resources needed to pass the exam. This Cheat Sheet will help you get this highly valued credential and pass the exam. It is also your information goldmine for passing the exam.
The Microsoft AI-100 exam will be retired on June 30, 2021. A new exam Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure AI Solution Beta (AI-102) is available.
Microsoft Azure Certifications are a hot commodity for companies. They are recognized all over the world. As a result, the demand for people with azure credentials is on the rise. This virtual world is all about validating your skills with specific credentials to help you grow your career. Let’s take a look at the exam details before we start the revision journey.
Microsoft Azure AI-100 Overview
TheMicrosoft AzureAI-100is a certification in Designing and Implementing an AzureAI Solution. This exam aims to increase Azure technology coverage. It teaches you how to use Azure AI services to learn machine learning and deploy end-to-end AI solutions.
This exam focuses on how Azure services meet technical and business requirements. Azure offers many services that can be used to quickly develop high-performance AI solutions. This exam will also assess and highlight your technical abilities, such as designing solutions, integrating AI modules, and managing solutions.
Knowledge requirement for the exam
These are the Prerequisites to the Exam:
Experience and knowledge in the design and implementation of AI apps and agents using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.
Learn about Azure Bot Service, Azure Cognitive Search and data storage in Azure.
Ability to suggest solutions using open source technologies, understanding the components of the Azure AI portfolio, and the available data storage options.
It is important to understand when a custom API should not be developed in order to meet specific requirements.
Cheat Sheet: Microsoft Azure AI-100
Microsoft certifications are industry-recognized and can give you an edge over other candidates. A professional certification can also increase your employability and demonstrate your capabilities. This exam requires that you prepare and study well. This cheat sheet will help you to prepare for the exam with the right resources and strategy.
Exam Objectives
To understand the concepts of the exam, it is important to familiarize yourself with the course. It is important to understand the entire exam course, given the extensive syllabus. The Course Outline gives detailed information about each exam domain. These domains are important to understand and you can tailor your study plan around them. These are the exam domains.
Topic 1: Analyze the solution requirements
1.1 Recommendations for Azure Cognitive Services APIs to Meet Business Needs
Microsoft Documentation:Azure Cognitive Services
Firstly, selecting the processing architecture for a solution (Microsoft Documentation:Machine Learning Products)
Secondly, Choosing the appropriate data processing technologies (Microsoft Documentation:Choosing Data Store)
Third, choosing the right AI models and services
Also, identifying components and technologies required to connect service endpoints (Microsoft Documentation:Components of REST)
Moreover, identify automation requirements (Microsoft Documentation:Azure Automation)
1.2 Mapping security requirements of tools, technologies, or processes
Furthermore, the identifying processes and regulations required to comply with data privacy, protection and regulatory requirements (Microsoft Docation:Regu).