Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-300 – This exam is in fashion for candidates who want to make a career in Azure Architect Technologies. Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ300)is an expert-level exam that aims to assess candidates’ working experience and advanced functional knowledge in Microsoft Azure.
The Microsoft AZ-300 exam has been retired. A replacement exam Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303) has been released.
Microsoft certifications are highly sought after by employers. This makes it easier for technology architects to get hired and also helps them to advance their careers and make a positive business impact. The exam is designed to test your knowledge in particular areas and help you expand your horizons.
Learning Objectives for AZ-300
This exam measures your ability to complete the technical tasks.
First, Security and implementation
Secondly, Securing authentication data
Then, Configure infrastructure
Also, Azure storage and Developing for the Cloud.
AZ-300 Learning Path
Study Guide for Microsoft Azure Technologies AZ-300
Microsoft Azure (AZ-300), requires more effort and efficient utilisation. You will need to prepare for this exam using Architect Technologies study guides and good study materials. It will be easy to grasp the concepts of the AZ300 exam if you have access to the best resources and materials. Let’s go over each step.
Step 1: Be clear about the Exam Objectives
This means that you must be able to comprehend the key concepts associated with the exam. You should also work on your abilities and knowledge in performing operations such as –
Arranging azure infrastructure is the first step.
Next, create apps on Azure
You can also implement security and workloads on Azure
Further, Azure authentication and data security on cloud.
To be familiar with the exam domains, you should refer to the Exam Guide. The exam covers five domains:
I.Deploy and Configure Infrastructure (40-45%).
The first domain focuses primarily on resource usage and consumption. It also creates and configures storage accounts. Create and configure VMs for Windows and Linux, and automates their deployment. It also involves creating connectivity between virtual networks and managing Azure Active Directory.
This domain also focuses on migrating servers from Azure, configuring serverless computing and implementing application load balancers. It also integrates on-premise network with Azure virtual network. It also includes managing role-based access control and multi-factor authentication.
This domain building provides the understanding needed to create web apps using PaaS, and to design and develop containers-based apps.
This exam also covers concepts related to secure data solutions and authentication.
V. Develop for Azure Storage (15-20%)
This domain aims to configure a message-based architecture for integration, develop for autoscaling and develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage.
Step 2: Exam resources
There are many resources for the AZ300 exam. Here’s a list of highly recommended authentic sources
Instructor-Led Training Course
The Instructor-led training course is designed for those who want to become certified. These courses will help you understand every aspect of A.