Oracle is well-known for its products, solutions, and trainings. You have a good chance to earn an IT certification to work in the Mobile Cloud Service 2016 Developer Certified Specialist role. You can boost your career in this field by passing the new Oracle exam, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service 2016 developer. You can achieve your secret ambitions or just upgrade your skills by passing the exam. This exam will allow you to navigate the design-time architecture, create mobile backends, and configure connectors. Your advantage will also be being able to use the analytics dashboard, manage mobile users and manage environments. You’ll be able to compete with others by having the skills and experience in these areas.
The Oracle certification exam is validated against MCS 1.2 (16.1.3) with multiple-choice questions. Unfortunately, the length of the exam and the number of questions are not known.
Oracle Mobile Cloud Service 2017 Developer essentials Exam Study Guide is recommended training that will help you prepare for your exam. Exam topics may not be exactly the same. Multifaceted preparation is recommended. Each exam topic has objectives. Each objective can be categorized as either a learner level or practitioner level.
You can be sure of success if your education is up-to-date, if you are an old hand in Mobile Cloud Service and have completed at minimum one production solution that uses Oracle Mobile Cloud Service as its Mobile Backend as a Service.
If you are motivated to obtain the Oracle certification, you should be able to show that you have experience in fielding production mobile solutions. You also need to have a solid working knowledge of MCS architecture and the types APIs that MCS offers.