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Now that you are aware of what makes headhunters call, learn how to keep your best people on board.
You might feel a bit panicky at this point. You might be tempted even to keep your most important people secret, if only to stop headhunters calling. There is no need for panic.

Remember: If your employees receive offers and calls about other positions, it is a sign that you have the right people. If your employees are not interested in other positions, it could indicate that your company isn’t reaching its full potential.
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Either way, you as a manager or a business owner need to encourage employees to reach their full potential and create an environment where they want to stay, even if recruiters call. Ask yourself what you are doing to keep your best people with you and what you are doing to build a strong team. Take this example:
What is your training and developmental plan? Studies show that employees are more satisfied and loyal to their company if they have ongoing training and education. This also impacts the company’s overall job performance and satisfaction. Do you offer ongoing training opportunities such as the ITProTV online training or leave employees to improve their skills on their own?
What can you do to build loyalty? Employee loyalty is often determined by the salary they receive. Although you might not be able match the offer of a competitor, you can still create loyalty by offering performance incentives and other benefits that keep employees interested in working for you.
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Do you support employee goals and values? Employers are more likely to retain employees if they feel supported, understood, and have the potential for growth. Are you able to get to know your employees? How do you know what their goals are? Your team should work together to set goals and provide support and resources to help them grow and improve. Recognize their accomplishments. People are more likely to stay if they feel supported and know that they can climb the ladder with their current employer.
It can be frustrating to hear that other companies are trying your best employees. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing anything wrong. It is often a sign that you are doing something right. Your company will be more successful if you work to create a team that is attractive to other companies.
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