Project Management is a rewarding career, but it can be quite lonely. I haven’t met many people who want to manage projects and then retire as project managers. I haven’t seen many people choose project management as a career because it is something they enjoy or that they want to do for the rest of their lives. It is still a popular career choice for many people throughout their professional careers.
Many see Project Manager as a career that will help them grow to higher management positions. Many people choose Project Manager as a career choice. As I think about it now, there might be many reasons.
Many organizations do not consider Project Management a separate discipline.
It could be something that is unique to the country I live in or it could be a global phenomenon.
Most organizations have little to no authority for the Project Manager.
Project Manager is more of a coordination function than a game-changer.
How many of you will claim that all you know about Project Management is just Project Management? Companies only hire project managers who are skilled in this skill. There are a few, but it’s hard to spot all. One of my clients in the Middle East was very specific about the fact that they only need great project managers. That’s the only skill they want to have. There are no technical skills nor any other skills. They’ve seen how a great project manager can save money and reduce mental stress.
Is it common for organizations to offer a career path for project managers until one retires? Does it make sense to you? There are many educational degrees available in project management. Organizations need it, but they have not fully embraced it.
There have been many pertinent questions. The question is, “Is it a good career choice?” ?
Industries are now grown from the “Sunrise”, to a more mature phase, where the goal is to make more money for the same amount. In the next years, we’ll be more valued for our ability to do the job efficiently and without making mistakes.
Today’s leaders in various organizations are acutely aware of the fact that working miracles is God of small things. Therefore, they understand the implications of strategy and best practices.
Thirdly, this region of the world is experiencing a relative economic boom and a sense of euphoria about new opportunities, such as entrepreneurship and infrastructure. To quote PMI Talent magazine’s PMI statistics, 15.4 million jobs would be created in project management by 2020 in India or China.

Image source: PMI
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Project Management is on the cusp between “Demand”and “Maturity”, a rare combination that will blossom over the coming years.
Only if organizations recognize project management as a separate discipline, and if practitioners and aspirants treat it as a passion, then things will be great in this field. It will not only be a rewarding career, but also a fulfilling one that you can do for the rest of your life.

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