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–Writing Articlesself improvement related articles795111832571180242010073981819712636112601876318692915619951195072009520023190552165221513190331873217814109561896818607Displaying 1-25 of 338 result(s).A Look At The Common Causes Of Depression And How To Survive A DepressionPosted by Ayanda Smith on Nov 14, 2008Depression is an illness that can be successfully treated in more than eighty percent of the people who have it and is usually caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals along with other factors. It can be overcome by most everyone, but the first step is to understand depression, what it is, what causes it and how it affects you. Depression is a state of mind which is characterized by a negative sense of inadequacy and a visual lack of activity. Personal Development: When Someone Close To You Changes..Posted by Shauna Arthurs on Apr 30, 2009Explore how your reactions to others helps you determine where you are on your personal development path, and what to do about what you learn… Developing A Positive Attitude By PretendingPosted by Amy Twain on Dec 14, 2008Developing a positive attitude creates a positive attitude, just as energy produces more energy. Developing a positive attitude affects your own way of thinking, as well as the thinking of other people that surrounds you. In effect, no matter how bad or rotten a situation may look like, you can make it seem or appear better by at least pretending to have that kind of outlook-even if you yourself do not feel optimistic at all. Conversation Starters For Shy People Three Shy-proof Ways To Start A ConversationPosted by HARNEET KAUR on Aug 13, 2009Are you so shy that you can't even start a decent conversation with someone you like? Well, don't worry. There are conversation starters for shy people that can really get people talking and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Smart Start On My Blog PostPosted by vijay uniyal on Sep 10, 2009Considering the lesson in Ease (as you can read on my blog post at on the subject of intentions and our first thoughts here is how you can change your thinking and start with smart thoughts and smart intentions. When I awoke this morning my thoughts were a bit depressed. Yesterday had been a bit of a lazy day for us as it had been raining and gloomy all day. My spirit had been in that same gloomy feeling mood too and I had even taken that with me to bed. Wealth – The Law Of AttractionPosted by Michael McGrath on Feb 24, 2009Have you watched "The Secret"? Have you tried visualizing, chanting affirmations, hypnosis etc., only to see no results? Would you like to know the secret behind "The Secret" so that you can finally use the law of attraction to create wealth beyond reason? Inspired By Peanuts And A Journey To SuccessPosted by Rishabh Bathla on Aug 16, 2009As we discussed in the previous chapter regarding motivation and self preservation we continue here with the thought of inspiration. If the great inventors that were mentioned before did not have inspiration they would have been unable to achieve this type of self preservation. They were each highly motivated by their own inspiration to create different things. With their inventions they have also created their financial independence, and the freedom to enjoy doing what they loved. Your Thoughts On Retirement PlanningPosted by Amy Twain on May 26, 2009Are you already 40-something? So, have you ever thought regarding your early retirement planning? Most individuals find this activity as not really a very significant aspect to reflect on life. Mostly, they are likely to fail to notice everything that's associated to retirement planning thinking that they're still young enough and retiring is still very far and long way to go. The Driving Force Of AmbitionPosted by Amy Twain on May 01, 2009Ambition! Success! What exactly do these words mean to you?because without one you can?t have the other. The mere impelling force to struggle and exert for anything we desire to accomplish is as strong and powerful as our will to survive. Ambition is what drives you to dream, strive and reach for the things in your life that are significant or essential to you. You Might Be Wasting Your Time Setting GoalsPosted by masood ahmed on Aug 22, 2009Why do some people achieve their goals and others don't? The answer to this question is one of the most important concepts to understand if you are serious about becoming successful. People get the goals that are aligned to their subconscious expectations and they don't get the goal that are contrary to their subconscious expectation. The Law Of Probability…Posted by sumit tiwari on Aug 22, 2009There are many laws of success that operate in our lives; the Law of Attraction, the Law of Reciprocity, the Law of Focus, just to name a few. One of the most important laws to know and understand is the Law of Probability. Unfortunately this is one of the least understood laws of success. How To Become A Good LeaderPosted by Kenji Tay on Mar 23, 2009A good leader is normally driven by his vision. Though unclear, he sees an end state of his vision. A leader will therefore act on his belief to make this vision a reality, taking every opportunity present and whatever works to convince others to buy into his vision.. Five Irrefutable, Non-negotiable Laws Of Leadership You Must Know NowPosted by vipin rana 8446 on Sep 08, 2009Triangle Performance, LLC Leaders, new and old, sometimes lose sight of the most fundamental tenets of leadership. Here's a reminder… I frequently tell executives that leadership and its concepts, theories and core applications haven't changed in a millennium. Some of our demographics may have changed. This forces us to use alternative applications of those concepts. But the basic leadership concepts and theories remain. So, why don't we "just do it?" Grudges Are Injurious To HealthPosted by Ajay Verma on Sep 01, 2009Holding grudges makes a person bitter. Most of the time, grudges are born out of anger and hurt. They are the negative feelings one carries even when the hurting incident or conversation is over. Grudges are not good for health because they infect the heart and pollute the mind. Further, they murder relationships. They should be thrown into the dust bin, otherwise the grudge-holder's mind festers with feelings of martyrdom or revenge. Grassroots Leadership Principles A Review Of It’s Your ShipPosted by vijay uniyal on Sep 10, 2009At the age of 36, Michael Abrashoff was selected to become Commander of the USS Benfold – at the time, the most junior commanding officer in the Pacific Fleet. The immediate challenges that faced him were staggering: Exceptionally low morale with unacceptably high turnover. Few thought that this ship could improve. In many ways, the Benfold was actually an extreme example of the same problems facing many organizations today. On WorkingPosted by dinesh kabsuri on Sep 09, 2009Working at a job, whatever it is, is a social obligation as much as an economic one. Don’t believe me? How often as a child did you hear someone refer to someone else as a “layabout”; how often were you told of the benefits of hard work; how often have you yourselves done the same thing? Yes, most of us need to work to stay alive (food, shelter, providing for family, a few pleasures); indeed only the very fortunate do not. And, apropos of that lot, aren’t they the “idle rich”? 7 Secrets For Innovation LeadersPosted by kuldeep dobriyal on Aug 26, 2009Want to lead your company to the top of its field? First, you must foster a culture of innovation…and that begins at the top. Free From Fear Top Rated Ebook ReviewPosted by Chris Jensen on Oct 07, 2009Have you had enough of worrying too much because you feel that problems and stress seem to be taking over your life? Do you want to put an end on it so will live a peaceful and happy life? You can put an end to all those sleepless nights because you're stressed out if you will give yourself a chance and read Free From Fear eBook. It's an amazing eBook that will let you learn all the things that you need to know to have a much better and much more peaceful life that you really deserve. Increase Your Psychic Ability Using These Powerful HerbsPosted by Tana Hoy on Oct 04, 2009Herbs have natural attributes which make them very useful for various psychic practices. Their energies can complement yours and by using them, you are more likely to achieve desired results. In connection to this, herbs can also help increase your psychic ability. Learn now how to use them for this purpose. Why We Choose Anger (and How To Take Another Road)Posted by geeta singh on Aug 26, 2009Anger has turned into an epidemic in our world today. It is crucial to take a step back and realize the enormity of the danger we are facing, not only from external expressions of anger, but from the anger we each carry within. The time has come to face the truth about anger, learn what it truly is, where it comes from, why it arises, and how to stop it on the spot. The Law Of Probability?Posted by sumit001 on Aug 22, 2009There are many laws of success that operate in our lives; the Law of Attraction, the Law of Reciprocity, the Law of Focus, just to name a few. One of the most important laws to know and understand is the Law of Probability. Unfortunately this is one of the least understood laws of success. Learn Which Ten Steps Will Increase Your Self Esteem And Raise Your Level Of SuccessPosted by Prince David on Aug 11, 2009Self-esteem can be defined as follows: It is the ability to validate one self and be able to experience joy. It is having the belief that you are worthy and deserving of love, joy, security, good health, abundance, satisfaction and fulfillment, simply because you are you, and not because of what you do, or because of what you have. As A Drunk Sees It #9Posted by Michael Erb on Apr 25, 2009This is the 9th in a series of articles being written to help alcoholics/addicts and those they affect. The articles are written as suggestions to help the reader better understand the thinking and behaviors of the addicted personality. There is also information included to outline and explain the rehabilitation process. The author is a recovering alcoholic and worked for many years in the recovery field. The C2 Taser – The Latest In Civilian Stun GunsPosted by amrita rawat on Aug 25, 2009Taser International recently released the latest consumer stun gun – the C2 Taser. This Taser gun was specifically designed to be used by the general public to protect themselves in case of an attack. It has nearly the same amount of stopping power found in police-issue Tasers, but it is lighter and friendlier to use. When Others Or You Drink Too Much…Posted by sumit1 pandey on Aug 21, 2009Do you even wonder what to do or say when others are drinking too much? It is a gift to them to share in a loving way the suggestions listed below. If you express these with anger or criticism, it is more difficult for them to hear you. It is helpful to speak to them when they are sober. Many men and women feel guilty because they did not try to stop someone from driving when they had too much alcohol in their system. They wish they had expressed some of the thoughts shared in this article. Go to page: << First
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