True, technology has been an integral part in many sectors such as healthcare, education, finance and manufacturing for many decades. But Artificial Intelligence (AI), has put technology at the center of these sectors’ operations.
Semrush estimates that the global AI market will reach $190.61 million by 2025. However, 93% of AI technocrats around the world feel we are not equipped to meet this machine intelligence challenge. Cloud computing is becoming more popular and organizations around the world are adopting it. This has led to an increase in demand for AI solutions in cloud environments. To become an AI solution provider in cloud computing, you should take exam AI-102 to obtain Azure AI certifications. This blog post will provide a complete guide for all those who are interested in Exam: AI102 certification.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. An Overview of Azure AI Certification
3. Are Azure certifications worth the effort?
4. How do I prepare to take the Azure Certification AI102?
5. Can I get a job with Azure Certification
6. Azure AI Engineer Salary Career Path
7. How CloudThat’s training can help you get AI-102 certified
All-sized companies are adopting cloud computing and migrating data and resources to it. It is proving to be beneficial to develop AI skills that are relevant for cloud computing. This is where Microsoft Azure Certification AI-102 comes in handy for professionals who are interested in a career within the Cloud space.
An Overview of Azure AI Certification
Two popular Microsoft Azure certifications for AI are available
Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
Exam AI-102: Designing an Implementing an Azure AI Solution
The Microsoft AI-900 exam certifies your knowledge of machine learning and artificial Intelligence workloads. It also demonstrates how to deploy these workloads on Azure. This certification is open to both technical and non-technical candidates.
The following skills are required for those who want to take AI-102: Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Azure AI Solution:
Experience developing, managing, implementing and managing AI solutions using Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Cognitive Search.
Participating in all phases, from requirements definition and design, to development, deployment and maintenance, as well as monitoring.
Collaborate with solution architects to communicate and build complete end-to-end AI solutions together with data scientists, engineers, IoT specialists, etc.
Are Azure certifications worth the effort?
Microsoft Azure is rapidly expanding with a 150% increase in year-over-year growth. Cloud infrastructure is expected grow even further in the coming years, reaching $300 billion in sales by 2021. Microsoft was a leader in the digital age and was a popular choice for businesses and organizations.
Contrast Supply and Demand: There are only a few Microsoft-certified professionals. Therefore, there is a limited supply and a huge demand.
More options available: Azure offers many technology-specific certification exams that will highlight and promote your main expertise.
How can I prepare for Azure AI 102 certification?
Here’s a list of tips that you can use as part of the Azure AI-102 training strategy.
Learn more about the concepts by taking the Microsoft learning path
To get a hands-on experience using the concepts you have learned, practice the labs.
Microsoft documentation has more information about the different use cases.
Can I get a job with Azure Certification
It is not easy to get professional certification. It takes a lot of effort to take the time to study, pass an exam, and become certified.