IT and network decision-makers are under growing pressure to modernize their data center or cloud network infrastructures.As business requirements continue to evolve, networks need to become more agile, reliable, secure, cost-efficient and simpler to manage. Those responsible for building and operating these networks must have flexibility and choice in deploying solutions that address the challenges of their specific environments.
The shift to cloud models is, of course, a critical factor in driving the need for network modernization, along with the expansion of initiatives around mobility, big data, social networking and the Internet of Things. All of these activities are driving significant growth in traffic volume and variety. Legacy networks that were built for client-server models typically lack the performance,security, simplicity, agility and interoperability required for the cloud era. In addition, many were built on proprietary platforms that limit innovation and prevent enterprises from moving quickly to embrace new technologies.
To address the challenges of the cloud era, IT leaders andnetwork builders are increasingly faced with a wide range ofpotential technology solutions…
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