GitHub is a code sharing and hosting platform that allows developers to collaborate and maintain version control. It has been a popular programming resource over the years. GitHub claimed that it had over 100 million repositories, and more than 40 million users as of January 2020. This makes it the largest source code hosting platform.
What is GitHub?
Git and Git are not the same thing. Git is an open-source version management tool. It was created by Linux developers. It can track changes in computer files, and can handle any size project. This makes it a popular utility for developers.
GitHub, on the other hand, was founded in 2008 and makes tools that integrate with Git. It is a global repository hosting platform that allows for wide exposure to any code or project added to it. GitHub allows team members to collaborate from anywhere in the world and gives them access to older versions of the same project at any time.

Features and benefits of GitHub
1. Simple Project Management:
GitHub is a platform that allows developers and project managers to collaborate and coordinate on a single platform. GitHub makes it easy to track and update projects and allows for version control, which greatly improves visibility of a company’s workflow.
2. Higher Package Security
Project managers and developers can publish packages privately to their team or to the whole community. These packages can be downloaded back from GitHub to be reused or used again. This ensures that your package is protected and can only be accessed by the people you have granted access to it.
3. Effective team management:
Some people argue that it is easier and more convenient to work remotely from a cloud-based platform. The problem is that if multiple users are making changes to the same file or code, the cloud platform will save those changes. Everyone else must take that change as their starting point. GitHub records all changes and helps to avoid chaos. This allows the entire team to be aware of every step and any change that occurs during the process. This creates greater transparency and better visibility for everyone involved.

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4. Better code writing:
Enterprises can use pull requests to review, develop, and propose new code. The project team can communicate easily and discuss their ideas before making changes to the source code. Enterprises can also benefit from the opportunity to work with developers from around the globe and to learn from them.
5. Safety Codes Higher:
GitHub offers multiple tools that can help you identify and fix bugs in your code. These tools are not available on other platforms. The platform is open to developers and project managers.