What is ITIL?
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library Framework) is designed to standardize all IT service management operations. This includes services such as selection and planning, creation, delivery and support. ITIL management allows data collection, analysis, and description. It uses reliable methods to access and evaluate them. It is the most widely used IT service management framework in the world to provide predictable service levels and improve efficiency.
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ITIL Certifications Overview and Credit Systems
Data assets are increasing exponentially and it is becoming a requirement for the industry to train and hire experts in data mining and analysis. ITIL Certifications have become a mandatory course for professionals who want to be data scientists or data analysts. An ITIL certification exam means that you are able to apply the ITIL extensible knowledge in the management and operation of IT service businesses, regardless of their size.
Overview of the ITIL Certifications
The certification is a 3-day exam that has four levels of certification.
ITIL Foundation level certification that focuses on the terminology & methodology of the ITIL service delivery and support (2 credits).
ITIL Intermediate level certification includes multiple optional education modules. You can choose from two modules, keeping the service lifecycle module obligatory with one additional module (15 credit).
ITIL Expert Level Certificate – This certificate validates knowledge and skills in relation to whole ITIL (22 credits).
ITIL Professional Level certification is for planning, management, and operations. It does not require additional credits but must have at least 5 years experience in IT domain work.
*The credits are added at every level. *The credits are added at each level.
Different levels and institutions have different ITIL programs costs. It also depends upon the number of days in a training program. The cost of a training program can vary from US $200 to US $1000. The ITIL Training Program lasts between 2 and 7 days. This varies depending on the length of the program.
ITIL Foundation (from an Accredited Institution)
ITIL Foundation (Directly).
ITIL Intermediate
ITIL Expert
ITIL Professional
Who will benefit from ITIL(r), Certification?

Individual ITIL(r), Certification Benefits
If you want to make ITIL a priority, it is a good idea to add it to your task list.