CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst, also known as CYSA+ is a highly sought-after IT certification that prepares individuals to enter the professional world with the right knowledge. This certification teaches you how to identify and prevent cyber threats. It also helps you fight them by providing ongoing security monitoring. CompTIA CYSA+ certification covers the current cybersecurity analyst skills as well as career skills that prepare candidates for more than just responding to network traffic.

It is now possible to provide cybersecurity in a new direction, as hackers are now able to hack into traditional signature-based network protection tools like firewalls and antivirus software. This led to the creation of new tools that use behavior analytics to provide better protection. CYSA+ applies behavior analysis to the network and improves security on a large attack surface. Having CYSA+ certification training will confirm the IT personnel’s ability to protect and improve the company’s security effectively and consistently. The candidate will be able to prove that they have the required skills and knowledge by completing the certificate.
CYSA+ has been certified by the US Department of Defense and complies to the ISO 17024 standard. It conforms to DoD 8570.01M. This makes CYSA+ certified candidates highly sought-after in the IT industry.
CSO001 to CSO002 Update of CYSA+: CYSA+ launched its CSO001 certification back in 2017. CompTIA updates their certificate every three year to keep it in the loop and discuss new cyber-security techniques. The 21 April 2020 launch of the new CYSA+ certificate.

If you are preparing to become CSO-001 certified, however, you don’t have to worry about it retiring. The older CompTIA certification will remain active for approximately 6 months after the new version is released. The English version of the CSO-001 certification will be retired on 21 October 2020. If you are preparing in Simple Chinese, Japanese, or both, you will have the time until 23 April 2021.
The new CYSA+ Certification Training (CSO002):
CompTIA launched CYSA+ 002 to address market changes and make candidates more vigilant in defense intelligence. These are the changes that you’ll notice in CYSA+ 002.
CYSA+ 002 focuses on software security. In the previous version, it was primarily about system security. The network is now more secure thanks to the hard work and continuous investment of IT professionals. All software updates on the networks are not yet tested properly. This highlights the importance of focusing on Software Security rather than System Security.
The newest version of CYSA+ training is in line with the growing trend in cybersecurity market, i.e. “Going on offense with defense.” This is vital for threat intelligence.
CSO-002 has a higher significance in incident response.
The new IT training exam has increased the IT regulatory environment in its curriculum. More companies are now subject to strict privacy laws. Regulations can be a pain. It is possible to report on the control chains with legislative safety controls by studying them from time to time. It is possible to learn about it through CYSA+ 002. This prepares individuals for ensuring compliance with these laws.

Comparison of CSO001 and CSO002
80% of the job description remains the same if we compare CYSA+ Training 001 and 002. The core function of CYSA+ training, i.e. Continuous Security Monitoring in its newer version, is the same as the older. There is however a 20% difference in the cert.