Microsoft is still the most popular operating system for business in the world, so getting certified in one of its courses can be a great step. This could be for beginners just starting their IT career or professionals who want to expand their knowledge.
MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), is a well-known Microsoft certification course. It is well-known worldwide and has been called the “foundation for Microsoft’s new generation cloud-optimized credentials.” An MCSA certificate will open doors to many opportunities in the IT world. It will help you in your professional life by exposing you to many things that will help you to use your technical skills. MCSA certification validates and improves skills.
You will not only be able to prove your technical skills by obtaining an MCSA certificate but you will also be able to design and create technology solutions. This certificate will include any of Microsoft’s business platforms, such as Bot Framework and Office 365. MCSA certification will demonstrate your core skills in designing and building, such as cloud-optimized technology solutions using Microsoft technology. Get higher salaries
MCSA-certified IT professionals are eligible for higher wages. However, this all depends on the industry you work in and the experience you have. Employers appreciate applicants who have put in the time to get certified. This covers all preparation required to pass the exams, including the cost of books and time spent studying. Your dedication will pay off.
Many businesses are looking for IT professionals who are well-educated and can perform the various network, computer, or system services. This means that you will be able to get an MCSA certificate and have an advantage over other candidates. This certificate will make you stand out from the rest by being included in your resume. Companies value the tests laid out by different industries in examining the respective skills of individuals.Well-Regarded Job Positions
Microsoft certifications are often regarded as highly-respected positions. Certified individuals are recognized for their ability to improve the performance of any team in which they are placed. MCSA Certifications are a prerequisite for Expert-Level Certifications
You must also obtain an MCSA certification in order to move up to expert-level certifications like the MCSE or MCSD. This certification is a prerequisite for IT professionals. Career Growth
You can now move on to other certifications, once you have your MCSA certificate. After obtaining your MCSA certificate, you can now explore other certifications like MCSD or MCSE. You will be able to master Microsoft utilities and gain the knowledge necessary to handle various IT careers. This would include positions such as computer support specialist, Windows migration specialist and network administrator. A Microsoft certification will help you get a better IT career.
Only by putting in your full effort and time to obtaining a certificate does it show that you are committed to learning and growing as an IT professional. Employers will appreciate your IT skills and credibility once you have become MCSA certified. How to Get MCSA Certified?
Successful completion of the required exams is necessary to become MCSA certified. Exam 70-410 is the first exam required if you are interested in the program Server 2012. This exam will focus mainly on the installation of Windows Server 2012. The 70-411 exam will be the second. This will assess your ability to manage Windows Server 2012. The third exam, 70-412, will test your knowledge of advanced Windows Server 2012 Services configuration. If you pass the exams, you can prove that you have the knowledge necessary to complete the program. If you don’t have any hands-on experience, certification will be an asset to you when applying for jobs. While experience is also important, it is not required.