There are hundreds of decisions that we make about projects. Every day, we are expected to take action. This inevitably means taking a decision about something. This article will show you how to make better decisions using a simple process.

What is decision making?
Why is decision making so difficult?
The Decision Making Process
5 Tips to Make Better Decisions Give yourself enough time
2. Find out all the facts
3. Consider the consequences
4. Get other opinions
5. Flexibility is key

Decision Making Skills

You might need to decide whether to call a meeting or not. It could be something more serious, such as whether to escalate an issue with your sponsor.
The key skill is decision making. What does it mean to ‘decision-making’?
What is decision making?
The ability to choose from a variety of options is called decision making. And hopefully, choosing the best next steps for whatever situation you are in.
Although it may seem easy to define, many people find the process of making a decision at work difficult.
Warum is this?
Why is decision making so difficult?
It is difficult to make decisions due to:
You might not have all of the data
You might not feel that you have the right make the decision
You are worried about choosing the wrong option.

This last point is not important. If you are concerned about this last point, I explain why I believe there is no such thing as bad decision.
A process can help you make decision-making easier. A process allows you to go through all of the options and gives you the confidence to make the right decision. For every decision, there is a simple process that works.
The Decision Making Process
The main tool for making decisions is the decision making process. I have not seen any ‘tools’ that allow you to plug in all the data and get the decision you want. Humans are crucial to making the right decision, so tools can be difficult to use.
There are many strategies for decision-making, but this is a simple process:
You must identify the decision you need to make. This may seem silly, but it is the first step to taking action.
Collect the data. What data do you need in order to move on to the next step? Talk to people who can help you or get the statistics.
Consider all options. There are likely to many options, including “do nothing”, which is always an option but can also be a conscious choice.
Choose one option. This is the moment to make the decision. Make the call. Do it!
Follow through. Follow through to make your decision a reality. If you decide to delay your project for two weeks, notify everyone on your team and review your project schedule.
This is the most important decision-making model. However, there’s another step you can take. After some time, you can review your decision and decide if you are still happy with the decision you made.
Reflection can help you make better decisions next time.
Here are five simple tips to help you make better decisions.
5 Ways to Make Better Choices
You can improve your decision making. You’ll feel more confident if you do it more often. You can change how you approach decision-making to increase your chances of a positive outcome.
Here are some tips.
1. Give yourself enough time
It is easy to get caught in a time crunch when making a decision.
Even if you are a natural leader, taking a few moments to reflect on the data and consider all the options will help you make the right decision. You can sleep on your decision and wake up the next morning feeling the same.
There are very few situations in your career that you’ll have to make a quick decision.