Security breaches are costly to every organization. Are you confident in your team’s ability to handle a cyber-crisis? These 5 tips will help optimize your preparedness and ensure your team is thinking clearly and confidently to make the right decisions.
Security breaches are a costly business problem – averaging nearly $4 million a year! When the worst case scenario happens, an organization’s security team needs to be ready to think clearly and confidently to make the right decisions. Here are five ways to better prepare yourselves for a cyber-attack.

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What is Cybersecurity?
TheU.S. Department of Defensedefines Cybersecurity as “Prevention of damage to, protection of, and restoration of computers, electronic communications systems, electronic communications services, wire communication, and electronic communication, including information contained therein, to ensure its availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and nonrepudiation.”
But what does that really mean?
Cybersecurityisthe protective software, hardware, and set ofbest practices used by IT professionals to guard everything from privatedata to physical servers and networks. Typical threats to cybersecurity include Malware, Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and Spyware. The steady occurrence of data breaches and attacks on sensitive and confidential information is making data protection a critical component of an organization’s leadership and governance strategy. Naturally, it is a continuously growing field and demand for cybersecurity certifiedIT professionals makes the field an excellent choice whether you are a beginner or seasoned expert.Know the difference betweenCybersecurity and Data Privacy in this free webinar.
Why Should I GetCybersecurity Certifications?
For companies looking to bolster their team’s skill sets, information security training is a necessity.IT departments consistentlyendure the growing challenge of applying the best possibletechnology andpracticesto protect company information, and cybersecurity certifications ensure their employees are well-versed in the latest security best practices and know how to guard against attacks.As an IT professional, cybersecurity certifications also provide the tools you need to advance your IT career path.There is an imbalance between supply and demand in the cyber market. Holding certain certifications will give you significant advantages over other candidates when being considered for openjob positions.
The benefits and importance of cybersecurity training
With so much importance on cybersecuritycertifications, how doyou ensure you are prepared for certification? The benefit of cybersecurity training can be found from students themselves.In a survey of New Horizons students91% felt cybersecurity trainingprepared them for certification. The importance of cybsersecurity training is even bigger than just achieving certification, but on the job as well.79% of IT Professionals surveyed foundimproved productivity from their cybersecurity training at New Horizons.
How much does cyber security training cost?
Cyber security training range in cost from $2,475 to $3,395 depending on the course you choose. Check out the different options below, or contact us today, to find the perfect course for your goals.