Project management is not an easy task. Despite all the effort, many projects don’t go according to plan. Even though you can outline the main milestones, tasks, and timelines for every project in detail, there are still issues. Clients forget to provide the necessary information, technical issues arise frequently, and employees leave mid-project. These are just some of the reasons why many SEO agencies invest in project management software. They offer simple interfaces that allow for tracking timelines and budgets, tasks, and time. These are the top 5 project management software options that are perfect for any new SEO agency.
1. Basecamp

Basecamp is one the most well-known and oldest solutions for project management. It is easy to set up and use. It allows users to assign tasks, track progress, and organize people. It is especially useful for communicating with users who are geographically distant or in a different timezone. Bridge24 is a great tool to extend Basecamp.
These features include:
Recurring Tasks
Create Teams/Groups
Document Management
Instant Messaging and Messaging
Forecasting and Allocation of Resources
Tracking project hours
Interactive Gantt Charts
Templates for Projects
Task History
To-Do Lists
Basecamp is $99 per month for individuals and $1200 per annum for businesses. It comes with unlimited users and projects. It is free for teachers and students, and comes with a 30-day trial.
2. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is undoubtedly the most impressive and complex system for managing and tracking any type of work-related project. LiquidPlanner provides a unique solution that can be used for each project. It does not offer a single solution.
The following features are included in the list:
Baseline View
Built-In Collaboration
Drag-and-Drop Prioritization
Client Sharing
Contract Fields
Document Storage
Multiple Project Support
Time tracking
Priority-Based Scheduling
Reporting & Analytics for Projects
Workspace chatter
iOS & Android Apps
Both trial and paid support
It is available in three pricing options: Small Team, Professional, and Enterprise. They cost $9.99, $39, and $69 respectively. All plans include a free trial period.
3. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is one the most efficient and easy-to-use tools for project management. There are many account options available, regardless of the size of your team. It has a simple interface that is easy to understand, which makes it ideal for people who are new in project management. It is visually-oriented which means that all tasks are color-coordinated.
It boasts a number of impressive features, including:
Recurring Tasks
Cross Project Dependencies
Budget creation
Grouping Tasks by Projects
Email Integration
Interactive Gantt Charts
Multiple Projects Support
Document Management
Social Collaboration Platform
Messaging and instant messaging
Forecasting Budgets
How to Manage Expenses
Templates for Projects
Risk/Benefit Analyzer
RSS Feed
Tracking Burn Rates, Projects and Staff Hours
Task History
SMS Notifications
It’s more expensive than the other options due to its extensive list of features. The cheapest package is Small Office, which costs $44.92 per monthly. Next comes Professional, which costs $136.58 a month, and finally, the Business package which costs $228.25 a month.
4. Workamajig

Workamajig is a powerful tool, despite its quirky name. It integrates different business platforms such as collaboration, customer relationship management (CRM), digital proofing, media management, project management systems, and accounting. The result is a neatly organized package. It can be used extensiv