Cloud Alliance Cybersecurity Interview with Dr OzkayaIn this interview we talked all about The Cloud, Cybersecurity and tip and tricks on being more secure .Watch in YouTube : spX7FnApVEsCloud Alliance Cybersecurity interview with Erdal OzkayaZX7nO-rvRbEAbout Cloud Security Alliance
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The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s largest organization, is dedicated to defining best practices and raising awareness to ensure a secure cloud computing environment. CSA draws on the expertise of professionals, associations, governments, corporate members, and individuals to provide cloud security-specific research and education, certification, events, and products. The activities, knowledge, and extensive network of CSA benefit all those affected by cloud — including customers and providers, governments, entrepreneurs, and the assurance industry — and provide a platform through which diverse parties can collaborate to build and maintain a trusted cloud ecosystem.
The most popular cloud security provider certification program, CSA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry, (STAR), is managed by CSA. It’s a three-tiered program that provides provider assurance through self-assessment, third-party audit, and continuous monitoring. CSA also manages CSA Global Consulting Program. This professional program allows cloud users to connect with a network trusted security professionals and organizations that offer professional services based upon CSA best practices.
The Security Guidance for Critical Areas Of Focus In Cloud Computing was published by CSA in 2009. It provides a practical and actionable roadmap for managers who want to adopt the cloud paradigm securely and safely. The industry’s first cloud security user certification was launched by CSA in 2009. It is the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge. This is the benchmark for professional competency and the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is the only meta-framework of cloud security controls that are mapped to the most current standards, best practices, and regulations. In 2015, CSA and (ISC.2) introduced the Certified Cloud Security Professional certification. This certifies the advanced skills required for cloud security.
The CSA’s comprehensive research program is a collaboration between industry, higher education, and government on a worldwide basis. CSA research is proud of its vendor neutrality, agility, and integrity of the results. CSA is present on every continent, except Antarctica. There are always CSA experts close to you thanks to our offices, partnerships, member organisations, chapters, and member organizations. CSA hosts dozens of educational events that are high-quality and accessible online and around the globe. For more information, please visit our events page.
Cloud Security Dr Erdal OzkayaMENA Cloud Alliance
The Association is non-profit and vendor-neutral. It focuses on strengthening local cloud markets by leveraging a unique community of major players in the regional tech ecosystem.
Where is MENACA headed?
We see MENACA as the MENA’s cloud authority and a hub for exchanging ideas with other geographies – increasing the region’s profile
We work in collaboration with major players in the market to monitor, identify, and resolve cloud adoption issues throughout the region.
We plan to significantly increase our membership to reach 100 corporate members, and to create five major industry tools by 2018’s end.