Why is SharePoint so popular? Everyone keeps talking about how powerful SharePoint can be, how it has improved collaboration within their organizations, and how it has made them more productive. SharePoint has revolutionized corporate communication and collaboration by reducing email messaging and providing instant messaging capabilities. Let’s look at five reasons SharePoint is so important.
1. Ease-of-use: SharePoint is similar to other Microsoft products like Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office Ribbon, for example, is used to organize and manage content within SharePoint. After learning about the features and functionality of SharePoint, users will be familiar with the functionality.
2. SharePoint integrates well with many other Microsoft products. If you are familiar in Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word Excel, PowerPoint and Access, as well Project Server and Lync and Project Server, learning SharePoint is like tying ribbons around them to make them all work together. It allows you to use your existing Microsoft knowledge to perform standard actions that you are familiar from the Microsoft world.
3. Increased productivity: There aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything. SharePoint helps you be more productive by providing a central repository of documents and common tasks you use regularly. It can be used as a portal for your entire company or department. This allows you to access all the information you need in order to complete your daily tasks. SharePoint’s powerful search capabilities make it easy to locate documents and people even if you don’t know where they are stored.
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Start training4. Popularity: SharePoint 2010 was used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies in polls. It also had more than 100 million users. SharePoint is so popular that people who move between large organizations or between companies have the skills to get the job done when they start a new job.
5. SharePoint offers community support that is available to developers, IT pros, and end users around the world. These support options include SharePoint Saturdays, monthly user groups, and SharePoint conferences. These conferences provide real-world experience from experts and share tips and tricks, best practice, and other useful information. These support options can be expensive or free, depending on how you view them. These links will take you to some of these community support options:
SharePoint Saturdays
Upcoming Conferences

SharePoint is used by many companies. It is important to be familiar with it.
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