Online CISM testing is possible without any training or exams.

How do I become CISM Certified First, you must pass the CISM exam to become CISM Certified. You must then agree to the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics, which will guide your professional as well as personal conduct. You will need to show evidence of at least five year experience in information security and at least three years experience in information management. The CISM exam fees are $525.00 ISACA members receive a $75.00 discount There will be 200 multiple-choice objectives questions that must all be answered in 4 hours. You must score at least 450 marks out of 800 to pass the CISM exam. ISACA uses an unspecified scale, so you won’t be able to know how many questions you need to answer correctly. Remember that ISACA CISM questions can be used for research purposes or updating purposes, and will not affect you final grade. It is important to avoid trying to identify invalid questions on the CISM exam. Every question should be considered valid, even those that are the most unusual. There are two types: Questions based on true events or experiences: technology and infosec standards. There are no questions that relate to technology. E.g., Oracle, SQL, SAP, etc. Analyze based: Decision-oriented, context. These questions will require that you understand the situation and form your opinion/judgment. The CISM course will test your knowledge in four areas of information security. Domain 1: Information Security Governance (24%), Dom 2: Information Risk Management and Compliance (33%) Domain 3: I