The new London women’s network group WeAreTheCity is still in existence. Their launch event was a great success. Hundreds of women waited in line at the Monument branch of House of Fraser to get a makeover, champagne, a fashion show, and a chance to win some amazing gifts.
After two glasses of champagne, and two fairy cakes later (the main tray of canapes temptingly out of reach every single time they passed by), I was tempted to buy another handbag from that great selection on the first level. But fortunately, the announcement over the tannoy that we were to take our seats for fashion show saved my bank account.
Although I can’t recall the last time I attended a fashion show, I do remember going to one while I was in high school. The theme of the show was “desk to date” and models were seen in pairs, usually wearing the same outfit but with different accessories to make it a night out on the town. This meant wearing the most expensive heels possible. One model looked like a woman who was holding onto her male escort to ensure she didn’t fall, and struggled with the steps at end of catwalk. They weren’t professional models; they were House of Fraser employees. Two of them, however, acted as professional models, with their little swaggers.
Hannah Mercer, the store director and leading stylist, announced what each model was wearing. There were many beautiful dresses and amazing outfits. It was fascinating to see the same dress on two different sized women to compare how it looked (different but not bad). It was the one outfit you wouldn’t find me wearing at work or on a date. I said it louder than I realized at a quiet point in music. Don’t you just hate it when that happens to you? The women next to me agreed with me, and that broke the ice.
It’s difficult to meet new people at events like this. However, Vanessa Vallely gave her opening address of thanks after a mysterious power cut. She urged everyone to remove the business cards of at least one person.
I did exactly that. I saw Christina Ioannidis, one of the SEO Chicks, and went to speak with them. Christina is the instructor for the course I am attending in November. More details to follow.
Morgan Stanley will host the next WATC event, lunch with Nicola Horlick on 16 October. It’s a shame I can’t attend, but I’m sure there’ll be notes on it on the WATC site. If the launch party was any indication, the next events will be great – these girls know how to have fun after work!