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Microsoft DP-900 Exam Overview
Candidates with a solid foundation in core data concepts are eligible to take the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP900 exam. You can use the Azure Data Fundamentals exam to prepare for other Azure role-based certifications such as Azure Database Administrator Associate and Azure Data Engineer Associate.
Knowledge required for the exam
Candidates who are applying for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals DP900 exam must first be able to implement core data concepts using Microsoft Azure Data Services.
Second, they must be familiar with the concepts of relational as well as non-relational data. They also need to be familiar with different data workloads like transactional or analytic.
Third, candidates for this exam should be able to work with data in a cloud.
Cheat Sheet for Microsoft Exam DP-900
This Microsoft DP-900 Exam Cheat Sheet will help you prepare for the exams. It will guide you through all of the learning resources. This Cheat Sheet will also help you refresh your skills related to the exam and provide you with all the necessary insights.
A detailed understanding of the DP900 Exam Objectives
First, you need to be clear about the exam policies and details. This information is essential before you begin your revision journey. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the exam course in order to understand the concepts. The exam covers a large amount of material. It is recommended that you refer the Official DP-900 Exam Manual to learn more about the course. This exam covers 4 domains, which can be further subdivided into different topics. Each topic is crucial to passing the exam.
Microsoft DP-900 Exam: Updates to the course outline as of April 23, 2021
The Microsoft DP-900 exam topics have been updated.
Topic 1: Describe core data concepts
1.1 Description of types core data workloads
describing batch data (Microsoft Documentation:Azure Batch)
explaining streaming data (Microsoft Documentation:Azure Stream Analytics)
Describes the difference between streaming and batch data (Microsoft Docation:the difference between streaming and batch data)
Describe the characteristics of relational data
1.2 Data analytics core concepts
Data visualization (e.g. visualization, reporting, business intelligence) (Microsoft documentation:Data visualization using Azure Data Explorer).
describing the basic chart types like bar charts and pie charts (Microsoft Documentation:Visualization types)
Analytic techniques described (e.g., predictive, prescriptive and cognitive). Advanced Analytics Architecture
describing ELT and ETL processing (Microsoft Documentation:Extract, transform, and load (ETL))
Describe the concepts of data processing
Topic 2: How to work with Azure’s relational data
2.1 Describe relational data workloads
Identifying the right data offering to support a relational workload (Microsoft documentation:Azure databases).
Describe relational data structures (e.g. tables, index, views).
2.2 Describe relational Azure data services
Compare PaaS, IaaS and SaaS delivery models (Microsoft documentation:Types of cloud service)
The Azure SQL family of products includes Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance and SQL Server on Azure Virtual machines.
explaining Azure Syna