This cheat sheet will help you assess your knowledge and skills in preparation for the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions AZ400 exam. This means that the sheet is organized in a systematic way. It starts with basic requirements and ends with major study resources to help prepare you for the exam. This exam is for DevOps professionals with the badges of Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate. The Microsoft Azure AZ-400 exam tests your ability to design and implement a DevOps strategy, as well as dependency management and application infrastructure.
We’ll now go through all the required materials, keeping this in mind. Let’s first go over the roles and responsibilities of a DevOps specialist, and some test prerequisites.
The DevOps professional is responsible –
Firstly, streamlining delivery by optimizing practice
Second, Improve communication and collaboration
Third, Automation
Final, designing and implementing strategies to support application code and infrastructure
Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Basic Requirements
Here are the requirements for the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solution AZ-4 exam.
First, subject matter expertise in working with people, processes and technologies to continually deliver business value
Second, the ability to design and implement strategies for collaboration, code and infrastructure, source control and security, compliance, continuous implementation, testing, delivery and monitoring, as well as feedback.
Finally, you must have a working knowledge of both Azure administration as well as development.
Microsoft offers a learning path for the AZ400 certification exam. This will allow you to design and implement strategies to support continuous integration, testing and delivery, feedback, and feedback.
Quick Cheat Sheet for Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions – AZ-400
After you have covered all the information, prepare for the exam using preparatory materials. These types of exams can be hard enough without the right resources. Selection of your materials will impact how well you pass the exam. Also, you must have conceptual clarity and be able to understand how these things work in a real-world setting. Here are some useful resources:
1. Go through the AZ-400 Course Outline
It is important to be familiar with the main objectives for the AZ-400 exam. The exam objectives will give you a better understanding of the exam. A review of the exam guide can help you to align yourself with the main objectives of the exam. You will also be able mark sections and topics that you find difficult to prepare it later. The AZ-400 exam topics can be found below.
Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Modification in the Course Outline as of March 23, 2021.
Domain 1: Develop an Instrumentation Strategie (5-10%)
1.1 Design and implement logging
Assess and Configure a log framework (Microsoft Documentation:Overview of Azure platform logs)
Design a log aggregation strategy and storage strategy (e.g. Azure storage (Microsoft documentation:Design and Implement an Azure Storage Strategy).
Design a log aggregation and query strategy using Azure Monitor (Microsoft Documentation:Aggregations in Azure Monitor log queries)
Manage access control to logs (workspace-centric/resource-centric) (Microsoft Documentation:Manage access to log data and workspaces in Azure Monitor)
Integrate crash analytics (App Centre Crashes, Crashlytics, Microsoft Documentation:AppCenter,App Center Diagnostics works).
1.2Design and implement Telemetry
Implement distributed tracing (Microsoft documentation:Dist)