Many Project Managers work in matrixed settings that require them to use human resource that is not under their direct control. Peer management requires different skills from managing stakeholders and leading team members. Peer management is more linear than the hierarchical organizational model for managing peers. There are three things to remember when managing peers in a matrixed environment.
It is the act or process of working together for the mutual benefit of the company. Every project within an organization is important. One project’s failure can have a huge impact on others. Remind your peers to remember that it’s not all about “your” project. It’s about the success of the entire organization.
This is the next step following cooperation. Collaboration is when people and groups work together to achieve a common goal. This means that you must work together on projects and complete tasks together.
Communication with peers is very different to communicating with direct reports. Your peers will not follow your orders. When communicating with your peers, remember that they have their own deadlines. Respect others and remember that your goal should not be to make one project successful but the entire organization.
To ensure project success in a matrixed environment, remember the 3 Cs
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