makes it easy to become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt without any exam or training.

Six Sigma’s “Sigma” section refers to knowledge evaluation. Six Sigma analyzes product manufacturing and supply information to identify common deviations. These are deviations from the mean or closest limits of customer specifications. The goal is to reduce errors and defects to a maximum level 3.4 per 1,000 capabilities. Six Sigma-adopted companies may have better customer support, reduced cycle time, better compliance with laws, standardization of enterprise growth, and improved customer service. Six Sigma trials are not easy to implement. All employees may need to be on board for months or even years. They should also be able to follow the procedures and retain the benefits and values. Six Sigma Certifications – Overview Six Sigma certifications can be obtained through various certification bodies such as the American Society of Quality (ASQ), Global Association for Quality Management and the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. Six Sigma Yellow Belt: An individual who plans improvements. Six Sigma Green Belt: This person will help with statistical evaluation and project improvement. Six Sigma Black Belt – This person is responsible to lead tasks, often full-time. They also often train, teach, and supervise mission personnel. Six Sigma Master Black Belt- This person is responsible to develop venture metrics and techniques and serves as the company’s go-to Six Sigma individual. He also coaches and trains Green Belts as well as Black Belts. Six Sigma certifications do not form part of a certification hierarchy like some IT certifications. Six Sigma Yellow Belts do not qualify for Six Sigma Green Belts. Six Sigma Green Belts do not qualify for Six Sigma Black Belts. Six Sigma Certified Professionals can choose from many career options. Six Sigma roles are varied because Six Sigma processes are not applicable to all industries. The most common tasks are those of a project supervisor, process or program engineer, and high-quality insurance engineer. Other departments may also be eligible to apply.