Cyber Security professionals are in high demand. The EC-Council Certified Encryption specialist (ECES) certification introduces cryptography to you. The EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES) certification and training allow information security professionals to gain a deep understanding of cryptography. This exam syllabus teaches you the fundamental concepts of futuristic key cryptography and symmetric cryptography, as well as how to understand algorithms such AES, DES, and Feistel networks.
What is the importance of ECES Certification?
You can make informed decisions by understanding cryptography

This exam will enable you to choose the best encryption standard for your organization and to understand how to deploy it efficiently.

People are limited to marketing information about information security solutions by not understanding cryptography in depth.

Ethical hackers and penetration testers professionals will find it very useful to understand cryptanalysis as many penetration testing certifications do not include it.

Target Audience
Computer Forensics and Penetration testers

Cloud Security designers, architects, and developers

Information Security Operations, people involved in the selection and implementation of VPNs or digital certificates

Individuals involved in the development of Operating Systems, Cryptography Systems, Blockchain solutions, and other related technologies.

ECES Exam Information
ECES certification requires that applicants have at least one year of experience in the Information Security field. If the applicant has not attended formal training, they must be able to prove that the applicant has at least one year of work experience in the Information Security field.
Exam Title: Certified Encryption specialist

Exam Code: 212-8

Number of questions: 50

Test Duration: 2 hours

Multiple Choice Format for Test Format

70% Passing score

Steps to follow for EC-Council ECES Exam preparation
These steps will help you prepare for the EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist exam. These steps will be of great help to you. Take a look at them.
1. Set a deadline for the ECES Exam
This is crucial because there are no set exam dates. You might end up putting off your exams for a long time, or even not completing them. Setting a deadline can help you organize your studies. After you have registered for your exam you can start preparing for each subject. Some people prefer to start with the most difficult subject. It is best to start with the most familiar topic. This will increase your confidence and help you be more determined to study for the ECES exam.
2. Learn the ECES Exam Syllabus
Although not all topics on the exam syllabus are given equal weight, it is important to know all topics. Knowing the weight of each topic and your syllabus will help you decide how much time to devote to each section. Studying the exam syllabus will help you plan your study.
3. Training Courses
Training courses for the ECES exam are an important part of exam preparation. They increase engagement and increase your chances of getting the desired result in the EC-Council ECES examination. Preparation videos from EC-Council allow applicants to understand the content in depth and make learning simple. You can also find these training videos on YouTube.
4. Take the ECES Practice Test
The best way to master any skill is to practice. It is also useful for exam preparation. You can answer a lot of EC-Council ECES Questions from practice tests on This will help you to learn the important topics and determine if your skills have improved. You’ll also encounter questions related to the same topic, which will allow you to evaluate your knowledge using different approaches. This will ensure that you have a solid foundation on the principles taught. To help you pass the ECES exam, time management is crucial.
5. Your Doubts Solved
Do not keep your doubts locked up. You must solve them by either reading the books on the topic, searching online, or talking to industry experts or colleagues. You can ask questions during Q&A sessions in VGLD classes. It is important to explain your doubts in order to avoid repeating your mistakes.
Additional Tips for the EC-Council ECES Exam
1. Find a peaceful and quiet place
It’s not a good place for studying if you are in a noisy room. Find some quiet places to study for the ECES exam. You should ensure you have all necessary preparation materials.
2. Take small breaks during ECES Exam Prep
Do not study for a long time