We’re celebrating Veterans Day by honoring three veterans who have completed our coding bootcamp. They have transformed their lives and made a significant impact on their lives. We could tell many more success stories — nearly 100 veterans have used their GI Bill(r), to learn coding skills through our 14-week program in the past few years. It’s easy for anyone to see why. Veterans are hardworking, creative, and dedicated individuals who have many opportunities to succeed in civilian life. Veterans are able to use GI Bill(r), which allows them to learn coding skills and open up new career opportunities. They’ve already completed one bootcamp as part of their initial military training. What’s the next? Our bootcamps are just like the military. Teamwork is a key pillar of our program. Veterans love the camaraderie-focused learning environment of Coding Dojo. It’s easy to enroll in our bootcamp with your GI Bill(r). You only need a valid Certificate Of Eligibility (COE) to be able to enroll in any future cohort. Logging into your online ebenefits portal, and taking a photo of your entitlement information, will allow you to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). You can easily obtain your COE by logging into your online e-benefits portal and taking a screenshot of your entitlement information. You can read the stories of three veteran graduates in our previous posts: From the Marine Corps to Coding Bootcamp: Meet Tom Hollingshead, Bellevue graduate. The Rewards of Resilience: The Story of Larry Overman, US Coast Guard Veteran. Cross-Country Coding Adventures, the Story of Justin Honey, US Air Force Veteran